bearn wallet...gusset or no gusset?

  1. So I am pretty set on the bearn bifold wallet and originally thought that I would like the gusset. I'm having a hard time finding the one i'm interested in with a gusset though, and wanted to hear your thoughts.
    Do you prefer the gusset or not? why?
    On one hand, I think the gusset may make it easy to stuff my bills into (you know all those $1 bills can really get fat) ...but on the other hand, maybe i'll just overstuff it and the wallet will get too bulky looking?
    Wow, do I have too much time on my hands....
  2. LOL, you are so funny!!

    I have a bifold in box, with the gusset. But truthfully Rocker, all I ever put in there is business cards (usually from Hermes SAs, LOL).

    I could very easily do without the gusset, because I reallly love the bearn flat flat fllat and streamlined, which is why I chose box, too....I only put a couple of loyalty cards in the long slots, and only one credit card in each of the card slots on the flap.

    I only carry 20s in it, sometimes 10s, and use my Le 72 for coins and smaller bills, the le 72 has the compartments, so I keep the smaller bills folded in the last one, and use the other two for coins. That way I keep the bearn pretty clean and not overstuffed....

    OK, too much information, but anyway thats my story, LOL
  3. thanks CB. I don't know what a Le 72 is but now I think I need one!!:p Let me see if I can find one in the reference thread.
  4. No gusset for me, but then again I only carry my cc and some other cards on the card slots, others piled up in the sections.
  5. Rocker, a Le 72 is a little bigger version of the Le 24, the coin purse, but it doesnt open all the way because it has rivets on the sides and three compartments....

    Here it is....I cannot say enough how much I love this little piece. It is just perfect for what I use it for, I think it saves a little wear and tear on the wallet by keeping the coins and small bills handy for the day to day little stuff like coffee and watnot...

    Mine is buffle gala, it also comes in epsom, which I did not like the feel of, and togo...chevre too maybe.

  6. I have been obsessing over finding the perfect bearn wallet for months. I originally thought I wanted a gusset. I carry a lot of cards and tend to stuff my wallet with receipts,checkbook etc. Then I looked at my current wallet and saw how I tend to overstuff it and decided to go for a non-gusset more streamlined bearn. I don't like my wallet being so stuffed all the time. So...I am on the hunt for a bearn with no gusset, a vision II agenda for extra cards,receipts, and a coin purse- Le 24 perhaps. Now I'm trying to decide if I want my bearn in box leather or chevre.......
  7. i have the flat and i think its prettier than the gusseted........i have no troubles fitting everything into it............i have a karo for large overflow
  8. I should know about obsessing ;)... One of the objects of my obsession is the wallet. I probably have all the wallets Hermes ever made - half and full dogons, thill billfold, half bearn, full bearn bifold, trifold and gusseted and of course the long and vertical azap and most recently the kelly wallets. (Did I left out any?) Heh!

    Out of all, I think the bearn with gusset is most practical for my needs. I stuff a lot of small bills and receipts in my wallet. I find the dogon too big, the half bearn and half dogon not big enough so I use these when I travel. When I used the bearn bifold, I find that it bulks up too much. The trifold has too many card slots for my needs, so the bearn with gussets is perfect. Because of the way I stuff my wallet, I've had to have my bearn re-sewn. The threads will pull if you put too many papers on the slots.

    I think the bearn with gusset will help me avoid this.

    I do love the long azaps though and the kelly wallet (more clutch than anything else). I really stuff my long azaps. I prefer to carry less pouches or coin purse in my bag because I will inevitably leave something behind when I change bags - which is 3-4 times a week....
  9. PGN, this is exactly the combo I have....the bearn, the Le 72 (I really need compartments for my coins, I cant tell quarters from nickles without my glasses, LOL) and the vision for the checkbook, and it also fits the agenda pages as well.

    I also have another card case for the other cards like loyalty cards, insurance, auto club, CC overflow, costco, etc.

    Heres the bearn, just to see how it looks in box.....

  10. No gusset for me, but that's because I hardly use cash these days so the regular pocket is fine. It's actually a good motivator for keeping your wallet streamlined. I tend to put my receipts in the inside pocket of my Kelly or Birkin and then organize when I get home. Mine is in Chevre and I adore it--no issues with wear thus far.
  11. I have a bearn with a gusset, which I love and use ~ but I never realized there is the option of no gusset. Does anyone have a bearn without a gusset and post of pic of the inside for me? Thanks!
  12. I have a Bearn single fold and I think that by definition, it is a slim wallet and not meant to carry many things. I keep a slim Hermes zipper case in my bag for extra cards or papers/receipts. I like the Bearn because it is slim. It forced me to edit what I was carrying i.e. too many extra credit cards that I just did not need to tote around on a daily basis and/or have in my wallet at all times. I don't visit Saks or NM everyday so why keep them in my wallet KWIM?
  13. Hi Rockerchic, I have a tri-fold bearn without the gusset and I think it's just fine. I have a tendency to overstuff and I'm just more careful about not putting too much in the currency slot.
  14. Please post pics of the inside of both kinds so I can see and compare, pretty please!
  15. i prefer the bearn w/o the gusset. i usually put receipts in the purse pocket or in my shopping bags. i try to keep my bills to a minimum and use cc most of the time. i also have a coin purse that i don't really use but i can stuff small bills/coins if needed.