Bearn vs Kelly wallets

  1. I am new to Hermes and looking to buy a wallet...So excited! Visited my local store and the SA told me the Kelly wallet is hard to get (that was what I originally asked for) and she asked me if I would be interested in the Bearn wallet. I also like the Bearn wallet but my first choice is the Kelly. I am curious how long is the usual wait time for a Kelly wallet? I am looking for a bright color like rose or purple or elect. blue and prefer gold hardware. What is the price difference between Bearn and Kelly? Should I get the Bearn wallet without the wait? Is the Kelly wallet even offered to new customers like me with no buying history? Especially those colors i wanted? For those who own either wallet, what are the pros and cons of these two wallets? Which leather would you recommend? I would love to hear your advice. Thanks so much!
  2. I love the kelly wallet, especially over the bifold bearn which for me does not hold enough. However, I find the kelly irritating to get in to. I think the bearn is more practical.
  3. I'm guy , so I think Bearn 10 cards is better for me ;)
  4. Ever think of leaving the staps to the KL wallet undone while shopping? I love mine and it holds all my bank cards, etc, cash without a problem.

    DH found mine in London; it's bouganvillea. If you are in the States, pm me if you decide that's what you want.
  5. I have been waiting more than 1 year for a Kelly long wallet in a shade of blue. :sad:
  6. it depends on the color you want for kelly. bearn is also hard to come at least in my local store.
  7. I have both the Kelly and the Bearn and I find that I use the Bearn much more than the Kelly. I hate having the Kelly Straps undone, so it is rather cumbersome for a daily wallet. I like the Kelly wallet for its "spaciousness". The Bearn is really easy to use, but just does not stuff as much as the Kelly can. If you are a neat person, then the Bearn is a good bet.
  8. Bearn is more practical to use daily. The Kelly wallet is pretty but I cannot imagine using this daily as opening and closing it will be too troublesome.
  9. Hi! I have a Tri fold bearne and it is great for size and convenience:smile:. I think the Kelly is gorgeous but would be better as a clutch because the turn lock may dent your bag and the straps are a bit of an inconvenience. Either way, both are wonderful wallets. Have fun looking:smile:
  10. Thank you all for your great input! I think I am going with the Bearn. Now the thing is I really want one with goldware and a bright color. This seems not easy to come by. I will keep everyone posted what I end up getting if I am able to get a hold of one. My SA told me there will be a shipment on this coming Saturday! Fingers crossed!
  11. I've had both, my suggestion on the Kelly wallet is to open the wallet then hook the side straps and leave them connected all the time. Then I just open the top when I need it. You can easily access everything that way and it's a lot less hassle when you are shopping
  12. I have a Bearn wallet with gusset and it holds just the right amount for me. I don't carry a lot of cards and don't overstuff it. I also empty out receipts daily to file them.
    I was offered a Kelly wallet when it first came out. I decided I preferred my Bearn because it was streamlined.

    Many people like the Kelly wallet for doubling as a clutch. I prefer my Kelly Pochettes to the Kelly wallet as a clutch (the KPs hold a lot more), so in the end I thought the Kelly wallet costs more and is more bulky and not worth it to me.

    Also, while I don't mind the Kelly turnlock mechanism at all for my Kelly bags (I only use Kellys and am very used to opening/closing them), I don't think I'd want to deal with that also in a wallet.
  13. I recently got the Kelly long wallet in the classic Orange with goat skin. Absolutely fabulous. I was curious if it could be carried as a clutch? Thoughts?
  14. Most definitely. Other than the necessities like cash, credit cards, you can put your phone in there. And if you use a twilly or long necklace, you can have a shoulder strap too. :smile:
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    I like both. I love the bearn, mine is a tri-fold and due to the lack of the turnkey, I find it much easier to fit it into my trim or bags with narrower openings.

    However I find the kelly long wallet holds a lot more, gives me easier access to my cash and also holds a phone and I can even stuff in a small lipgloss.

    This is my box klw used as a clutch