Bearn Stamp

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  1. I just purchased a bearn wallet from bluefly. I didn't find any stamp inside the V of the zippered coin pocket. Is this normal? What should I look for to tell if the wallet is fake or not?
  2. #2 Dec 18, 2009
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2009
  3. Hi Jennot,I just looked in my bearn and it does not have a stamp too..I bought it from Hermes store,i shall do a check with my store tomo.
  4. I have bearn also with no stamp that was purchased from Hermes store in France.
  5. So I guess that's normal?
  6. They do still stamp the Bearn wallet but I was told they have changed where they stamp them, I will check my new one and PM the OP as I don't think we should post the info on the forum just in case.....
  7. Could you PM where the stamp is too please ms Birkin! thank you
  8. Could you pm me as well please,thanks.
  9. I scrutinised my Bearn wallet (bought from a H store) and it DOES have a stamp.:biggrin:
  10. misssA,is yours a three fold wallet,if so could you tell me where the stamp is?I tried asking the H store at the airport but they don't have any three fold to compare so they r unsure too,prob I will have better luck in the H in town.
  11. look inside the zippered pocketup in one of the top corners
  12. sorry for the late reply rachloh,

    mine is a bi-fold with a gusset. not sure if all bearn wallets have the stamp in the same place but mine is in one of the compartments.