Bearn Photos?????

  1. I want to purchase a wallet in a few days can you all post photos of your Bearn's not sure of the color I should get.
  2. I think I saw some Bearn pics in the Members Items thread at the top of H sub-forum.
  3. Mine's in the members' items thread, but I guess it's easier if it's all in one spot for you! This is a Rouge H in Chamonix.
  4. Tweetie, how is your chamonix Bearn holding up? I've been waiting for a chevre Bearn in a colour I like to arrive at my store but they do have a couple of smooth leather ones there. Just worried about scratching it all over tho..
  5. Don't forget to consider the Azap wallet. It's a a long wallet with a zipper around 3 sides. Picture also in the Members' Item thread
  6. Thanks Attempting to make the decision in two weeks.

    Does it take normal women three weeks to figure out what wallet to purchase?

    I just want a classic --- Think I will do blue jean or an orange.
    I can only afford one now.
  7. Much better than I expected! It's gotten grease and orange juice on it, and wiped down beautifully! It has some light scratches on it from keys and other stuff in my purse hitting it, but nothing deep - you can really only see them at certain angles in the light. I'm really pleased with it so far!

    But I do think Chevre would hide scratches better though.
  8. Thanks Tweetie, for the condition report:smile: Ok, I might keep waiting for more chevre Bearns to come in and decide then. Hopefully there's a colour I like in the next shipment.