Bearn or Silkin Compact Wallet

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm thinking of getting a compact wallet. I am one who changes my bag frequently but only stick to 1 wallet. Hence i will prefer a wallet that is small but at the same time can fit in all my necessities. I'm currently looking at either a Bearn or Silkin Compact Wallet. Any experience to share regarding these? also, i can't seem to find, is there a compartment for putting ur notes in the Bearn wallet? any picture to share pls...
  2. any experience to share?
  3. I have the dogon wallet. I find it very compact as it will hold credit cards,
    money & checks. There are individual compartments (3 slots for cc) & then
    2 other larger pockets for bills, etc.

    The nice thing about the dogon for me,is that because your cc are in individual
    slots, when you open the dogon, nothing is seen ( money etc). I personally like that.

    Sizewise also think the dogon may be the same length but a little wider than the bearn.

    Good luck whatever you choose
  4. what about a silk'in wallet. It has many CC slots, an inside zipper and because it is soft inside, you can stretch it quite a fit. You can fit a smart phone inside and close it. Easy to get things in and out. The Bearn is nice but it doesn't fit a lot and there is no slot for coins either. The price is also cheapest as compared with other H wallets.

    Check it out.
  5. I have 2 silk in compact wallets and love them both to pieces and they work with small bags really well. Each side has 2 card pockets plus one larger pocket for cards on each side, and a small zippered compartment in the middle for change. You would have to fold bills up to fit, but that has never been a problem for me (this is most similar to an LV zippy coin purse). I have only seen them in Epsom leather, but it is super durable and the silk is treated so it hold up well.

    I have seen the compact bearns in stores, and this will definitely be my next small wallet purchase! I believe it had 3 card slots on the one side, plus a zippered compartment on the other side with an additional opening for more cards. On the side, there is a compartment to fit notes in without folding them up. Either wallet would be good for smaller bags! Good luck!
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  6. Bought sth and its on the way!! can't wait to do the reveal when i got it!
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  7. I am bumping this because I cannot seem to find any info as to weather or not the Dogon Compact is discontinued...
  8. I saw one in my local boutique 2 days ago. I don't think it's discontinued, just very rare like Bearn compact...

  9. Liat towers in Singapore had one in Sakura pink and Scott's had one in jaune poussin. This was two weeks ago.
  10. definitely seen dogon wallet in taipei, and hong kong in different leather and colors
  11. I've seen the regular Dogon, but I cannot find a Compact. It's not even showing online at all.

    Thanks everyone!
  12. Thank you!
  13. So it's something that you just get lucky finding. I will just have to hope, then!
  14. compact - as is the little card case? i have seen a couple of those too, and bought one lol
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