Bearn or Dogon?

  1. I need a new wallet, and I haven't quite decided whether it NEEDS to be an H wallet (wallets take such a beating after all) but if I go with H, which is more practical, the Bearn or Dogon?

    I guess I like the fact that the Dogon has a removable zippered pouch, whereas the Bearn has no change Bearn owners just buy a separate change purse? But I like the Bearn because it has individual card slots for CCs and such. Looks like I'd have to bunch at least a few cards together into the front two partitions of the Dogon.

    Any advice? :shrugs:
  2. If you have more cards, you'll need to consider the Azap Long. It's more expensive than the Bearn (non exotic, of course) though.
  3. I have to tell you that I am so in love with my Dogon!! I went to the H boutique with a Bearn on my mind. But when I saw the Dogon... I was hooked on it. I love its large size and I love when I need to pay for something because that is when I get to handle my gorgeous "baby"!!!

    One of the things I love about it is that it has so many places for cards, etc. that the wallet doesn't get fat. I just don't like to carry a "puffy" wallet. This one, though filled with cards, etc. is flat.

    I know I am sounding totally over the top, but I have never loved a wallet so much!!

  4. You couldn't have said it better. I am a wallet freak with a drawer of wallets used only a few times. I love my Dogon wallet for all the reasons stated above and want one in every color. :heart:
  5. Doesn't the Dogon only come in soft leathers? I think that's my problem with it, though that extra pouch that comes with it is a great idea! I personally ogle the Bearns, as I love the stiff design...and...I'm a chevre fan :biggrin: I always keep my change in a separate lil pouch anyway, so I'll be getting the Bearn along with a change purse to match when I get it this year :yes:
  6. My Dogon is togo and yes it is soft, but that's what I love about it. I just love touching it! ... :love:
  7. Thanks all for weighing in...sorry guess this has been discussed before, thanks orchids for pointing me to the older thread.

    mrssparkles: I'll look into the azap long...haven't seen one in real life; thanks for the suggestion.

    kalliegirl / amamxr: I don't think you're over the top at all. Hmmmm, unbridled enthusiasm for high quality leather goods?? Never heard of it.:nuts:

    neeya: I generally like the stiffer leathers too. Although I'm so rough on wallets (not on bags!) that I thought maybe a more supple one would hold up better.

    Thanks girls!
  8. I LOVE my orange Dogon! And silly me, I was even gonna sell it and then changed my mind and kept it. I absolutley love mine.
  9. No problem Cymbidium--I own both wallets and love them for different reasons, but if I had to choose one, I'd choose the Bearn because it's slimmer and trimmer than the Dogon--great for smaller bags like the Kelly. If you have larger bags and size isn't an issue than the Dogon or Azap would be great options.
  10. And to confuse you even more . . . :p

    I use my Dogon in my PM2 Evelyne with a medium Chameleon and it fits so perfectly in the middle Chameleon section.

  11. SCP now has a MATTE CROC DOGON!!!!! I've never even seen one of those. SA says its the first they've seen of one also. Price tag around $7900!!!!
  12. What color??? That's the price for a Birkin though ...
  13. It is a caramel tan (SA didn't know the official name and this was described to me over the phone) with white stitching.