Bearn Ladies come in!! Tell me about yours!!!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    O.K., I think I'm ready for Bearn Wallet now. I consider Dogon, but it looks a little too floppy for me to use it as everyday wallet. I still can't make up my mind about which color/leather/style I want, but when I asked my SA, they currently have Bearn in Chevre, Epsom, and Buffalo(never seen Buffalo it hardy enough?) I want my wallet to "POP" in my BJ & Chartreuse Birkins :wlae:

    Anyway, I want to know which Bearn the H Ladies here please list the stats of your beautiful Bearns! If you have pics, that'll be superb!!:tup::tup::tup:
  2. I have a tri-fold vert anis Bearn wallet in mysore chevre with gold hardware. I love it. I have not taken any picture of it yet. These are the pics taken by my lovely SA before I got it.



  3. that's a lovely tri-fold joy! I have the bi-fold in rose shocking chevre - probably for about a year - it's held up very well - showing slightly wear on the outer corners -- I think one bearn I had and sold was the buffalo leather and it was lovely - I think that's hard to come by! Good luck - you'll love it I'm sure!
  4. I love my Bearn~ It is the trifold as well.
    Here she is Ms. Turquoise:heart:
    The only thing that is worn at all in the flap that hooks into the H on the front.

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  5. Joy & Ghost, Gorgeous bearns! I love how color is bright and cheerful! Do you love the trifold? I don't know if I should go for bi-fold or tri-fold.....
  6. I would LOVE to have at least 1 accessory in Rosd Shocking! Why did you sell your Buffalo bearn? Was it a sturdy leather? Scratch resistance?
  7. wow!!! the vert anis is so beautiful....
  8. wintotty, my tri-fold bearn in rose shocking chevre mysore (which until a day ago, I had believed based on what I'd been told was mangalore...) I liked the tri-fold because of the number of cards I carry - it fits them quite well.

  9. ^^^^ pretty!!! :drool:

  10. ***THUD***
  11. I know .... I LOVE IT. Love how much it holds while still looking elegant, and the great pop of colour in my bag (I have a 35 in ardoise swift). Am working on a small rainbow: that, a le 48 coin purse in framboise on one side, raisin on the other, a red chevre globetrotter, turquoise calvy card holder, blue thalassa box vision agenda...
  12. I had no idea that a bearn tri-fold had 10 (is that right?) card slots. I carry so many cards with me that fact alone just made it that much more desirable :sweatdrop:

    What do these retail for roughly?
  13. Loony, yes there are 10 slots. That's the reason I prefer tri-fold over bi-fold. The retail price is about $2075 before tax. I got mine less than a month ago.
  14. I cannot say enough good things about my Bearn (not the tri-fold but the normal; bi-fold?). It´s raisin chevre, love the softness, love the size, love the compartments. It´s such an awesome wallet in the hand.
  15. I have a Bearn bi-fold and while I love the size, I've got a couple of grouses. The coin compartment can't hold much. Also, my cards tend to stick to the slots, and not slide out easily (maybe 'coz it's humid where I stay). Plus after putting in everything, my wallet's really bulky. I wish I had gotten the zig zag Bearn instead (tri-fold's too big for me).