Bearn decision...

  1. me decide on a new Bearn wallet...
    I think I want palladium hardware and have the following bags w/ palladium:
    Black Drag
    Toile/Berenia Trim
    White Bolide
    Indigo Kelly
    What color for a Bearn??
    White? or Neutral what? or Brights (not sure if I like)?
    Also...would gold hardware be ok? Leather...Exotic??
  2. I'd go with Gold with Palladium, or even Orange :yes:
    Brown and Black are classics too....I think you should go to the boutique and check them IRL to make your decision, you know? :smile:
  3. I agree with BergdorfBlonde. Best is to go in (take your favorite bag) and see what they have. You might fall in love with a color you never though of before once they open the magic drawer!
  4. Last week I think NM Troy had a cognac ostrich bearn...
  5. Really? I'm not sure if it does have gold hw but would that be ok to use with silver hw bags? KWIM?
  6. What about the blue family? ( blue jean or Brighton) Especially with your Indigo Kelly, toile/Barena, and white bolide. It sounds fresh and summery it think!
  7. The blue family might be nice! Thanks...I'll have to check it out!
  8. ^^Blue jean ostrich might be cool...I wonder if Hermes makes that color in ostrich...hmmm
  9. Hmmm not sure of the hw -- but there's very little on the wallets IMO...
  10. ^^that's true shoes...I'll have to check that option out too...thanks!
  11. i saw the rouge bearn and I loved it. it looked so classic.
  12. ^^yes goyardlover I saw the rouge bearn too last week and loved it too! I just don't know about red.
    Thanks for mentioning it!
  13. Medium to light colors work better for me in a wallet and other purse accessories because then you can find them inside the bag! I think blue or even vert anis would go very nicely with your bag collection!
  14. ^^Vert anis might be fun too!
  15. Ok...I think you should definitely go for some color!!

    I liken leather accessories to lingerie. Its something that the rest of the world does not get to see much of. So...even if our bags or clothing are very conservative we can go crazy and daring with our lingerie and small leather goods.

    Get it red!!!!!