Bearn compact VS. BV wallet

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  1. I know this is crazy but I can't stop thinking about a Bearn compact in a nice poppy colour (a red, perhaps a turquoise?).

    I've only just bought my Bottega Veneta wallet in white (and haven't even sold my Lancel companion yet). Should I give in to my inner shopaholic or just feel happy with my white wallet and shut up :lol:?

    What do you think?
  2. I'd go for the Bearn wallet. I initially had a Bottega Veneta woven wallet w/ 10 cc slots and a zip coin part. As much as I loved it and used it, I prefer the Bearn as it is so lightweight and compact!

    The colors are also amazing!
  3. You've just hit the nail on the head. I love the 10 slots and the coin zip part but I'm dying to get the Bearn. Just... how did I come about so many coins?
  4. The BV is very practical ... but ... my heart says BEARN!!!

    Go get a coin purse honey lol!
  5. I say get the Bearn. I have one and it is so beautiful. I have a small coin purse to keep my loose change and small bills.
  6. The Bearn!!!
  7. Another vote for the Bern! And then buy a BV coin purse!

    we are such enablers here.......
  8. I say Bearn.:flowers:
  9. ditto
  10. i love my bearn as well, so i vote getting the bearn!!
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