Bearded Dragons!!!!!!!!

  1. Hello everyone!!!! On Saturday afternoon, my FH and I got some Bearded Dragons, a lizard that is native to Australia. They are just babies and soooo sweet!!!!! I dunno if anyone on this forum is into reptiles, but they are just amazing creatures. Any ideas on what to name these two cuties? They are both female!

    Here is a pic of one of them, so you know what they look like!!! If you know a little bit about Beardies, or any other type of reptile, please share what you know with me!!! Thanks!!!!:heart:

  2. Cool!

    When I used to live on Kwaj, there were Geckos all over the place. That's the only lizard I'm familiar with.
  3. I guess no one else likes reptiles??:crybaby:

    Oh well, I kinda figured that much, but they are really sweet!
  4. she's adorable! i'd love to know more about what they do, other than bask in the sun.

    with their armor you could name them bellona, the roman goddess of war, and athena, the greek goddess of war and wisdom.
  5. Congrats, they are cool. I'm not good at naming things so I have no suggestions there.
  6. Name one Priscilla Queen of the Desert! lol I dunno... she's a cutie
  7. ^^^Thanks everyone, for the great name suggestions....

    As far as learning more about them, well, they are sort of lazy, really fasinating to watch. They are so docile. Unlike other types of lizards, they love human contact. They love to be handled, and just like a puppy, they love for you to pet them.

    Lol, they don't do much else other than basking in the sun, but they are real sweeties!
  8. Awh! Cute heh reptiles are amazing !
    I want one , one day!
  9. Your babies are so cute!
    How about Carrie and Charlotte for names?
  10. I always name my animals normal "people" names like Bob, Richard, Denise, etc....

    How about Sarah and Betty?

    They really are sweet creatures. Make sure you read up on them really good and feed them a proper diet and make sure they have all the creature comforts they need (ie; misting, heat lamp, a rock, water, etc.)
    They'll give you years of enjoyment!
  11. or wilma and betty?
  12. Id name them Lucy and

    Don't know why i think it would be cute
  13. Thanks everyone for expressing your interest!!! I really like the ideal of SATC names!!!!!!
  14. LAltiero85, I'm SO into reptiles! I have an almost 2 year old Corn Snake named Billy Suss Schlange (Billy Sweet Snake) in German!!! haha

    The dragon is so cute!!!

    Here he is inside my LV Baggy PM! (His fav. spot!!!)
  15. Very cute! I've always wanted a chameleon. :smile: