Beard Papa cream puffs!

  1. Someone mentioned this in the SF thread and I am now craving them! First (and only) time I've had them was at Hollywood/Highland in LA...they are so unbelievably yummy! Now I just saw a location open up next to me in the Bay Area in Redwood City. Any other Beard Papa fans? Which are your favorite flavors??:drool:
  2. I have no idea what they are, but the words "cream puffs" makes me think they're sweet, rich, addicting and fattening (for me anyway). But, I'd like to find out if I'm right with a taste test! LOL!
  3. OMG I LOVE THEM!! they have a store in NYC UWS!!!

    i'm a chocolate gal but for these, i just love the original vanilla

    i guess i'm just used to how a normal cream puff tastes but ohhhh the cream is soooo good especially when it's fresh and the pufff is just soft and a tad crispy!!!

    the green tea is not bad as well but my fav is the original =)

    the chocolate fondant cake is also quite good but a little too dense IMO

    the eclair is ok. still like the puff better =)
  4. These are FABULOUS!!!!

    My brother tried the caramel ones and said they are awesome. I haven't tried that flavor yet. I absolutely love the shells.
  5. How funny that this thread is here now! :nuts: I JUST discovered these things last week. They have one on Oxford St in London and I was there for a shopping trip with a Japanese friend who seemed convinced that they're a Japanese invention, mostly because there's a TV in the shop that plays the Japanese Beard Papa commercials...

    Anyway, they are SO GOOD! The green tea ones are divine. But I can't eat more than one, they're so rich.
  6. I tried them but I like the custard filling I get at some Pho and Japanese restaurants better....they are too whip creamish and not custardy enough for me!
  7. i prefer the vanilla. yum!
  8. Discovered them a few years back when they only have chocolate or vanilla flavors. Love them!
    I try not to have too much. THey are only a part of my Holliday indulgences. One christmas I bought so many i got two free Tees from them.:p
  9. lol, you sound like me! good diet year round, but the month of the holidays, i sure make up for it, and then some!:roflmfao:

    i have yet to try beard papa's! there's one on mission across from the metreon and one in the new westfield. anywhere else? (in SF?)

    i dont see the caramel on their site..?
  10. love the vanilla!!!!
    and the green tea is fun too:p
  11. I first tried them in Japan and loved it! In Japan I tried both the green tea and original but liked the original better. The pastry shell is very light and flaky and very delicious!
  12. Vanilla.........yum:drool: :drool:
  13. I have never heard of these but it looks like they sell them in NYC.
  14. OOH they sell them in NYC by NYU on like 8th street i believe. around there anyhow. they're the best. its a small place but people seriously line up for it sometimes. they put the filling in when youre there so its not premade or anything. i love their cheesecake sticks too but my favorite is the chocolate eclair cream puff. mmmm , this thread made me crave it now lol!
  15. Omg love Beard Papa! I get a box (or two ;]) everytime I'm in SF!