Bear with me....

  1. I'm sure this question has been asked many times before but I'm semi-new here and can't seem to find the answer. Yesterday I almost set my small bleecker signature purse in a puddle of spilled Pepsi when we were at Burger King but I saw the puddle and was glad I was careful. Which brings me to wonder, is there something I could pre-treat my Coach fabric like a spray treatment, if so what kind? I don't want to use something that would discolor or ruin my new purse. One of these days it will get a stain but if I know I did whatever I could to prevent it I will feel better. Thanks!
  2. It's my understanding that Coach's signature fabric is already retreated. However, I know that people use products such as Apple Garde and other Scotchguard-like products on their signature bags. I own Apple Garde and I really like it! :yes:

    Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellent
  3. I'm going to go to that site and pick an apple or two! Looks like good stuff. The little card that came with my purse did say that the fabric has been treated already but I thought it probably needed maintenance every few months or so. You've answered my question, thanks very much!:tup:
  4. one more good tip, the Coach fabric cleaner for the sig bags is AWESOME!!! It will remove a lot of dirt and stains! Definitely worth the $10!!:tup:
  5. Thanks, where do you buy it? I only go to Coach outlets and I've never seen it there for sale.
  6. My coach outlet has it. I just bought the moisturizer and fabric cleaner today. Its behind the counters so you have to ask them for it. I paid $10 bucks a piece for them. :tup:
  7. Ahh, no wonder I never saw them. I don't ask for them because I'm a new fan of Coach and got my first bag last year. I'll either get this stuff or the Apple products. Good to know what's available out there to keep our Coach's in tip-top condition.
  8. I agree! Tide To Go pens work well for spot cleaning, as do Shout wipes and baby wipes!
  9. Shining Monkey fabric and leather protector is great and recommended by some companies like Kooba, and many LV people use it... although it was initially made for auto interiors. I have used Apple as well, and it's also very good...and doesn't smell nearly as bad as other brands!

    As for the Tide to Go, I would personally avoid that because I had some bad spotting/circle experiences with it. However, the Oxy stuff, forgot the name at the moment, but it's in the travel size blue/white spray bottles, is much better than the Tide pen. I got a very bad stain out with it on my comforter, and also some stains on an old reversible satin tote, and it did not perm. leave a circle or spot. It also did not remove the dye.
  10. ^I've used Tide To Go pens on legacy stripe fabric (bag lining) and on khaki signature fabric and I didn't get any water spots or color bleeding. :shrugs:
  11. cloth bag or signature bag I have used shining monkey, its for fabric. In fact I have used it on the vachetta on my lv bags with no issues.
    For a leather bag I would use apple guard spray :smile:
  12. My DD decided to bake and dripped oil on my new mini skinny leaving a big oil stain. I made a mixture of Dawn dish soap and water and scrubbed both sides in case the solution faded the fabric. The stain is gone and the fabric did not fade. I've also cleaned my striped Soho using Woolite and water.

  13. these are all such great tips, I'm going to print them out lest I forget what these names of the cleaners are called. Thanks everyone!
  14. Oh yeah, the name of the Oxy stuff is "Oxy Spray-a-way" I think...
  15. I'm going to get these things and have my little arsenal of cleaners to combat any mishap that day to day life may bring to my sweet li'l bags. Valuable tips, great!!:okay: