Beanie Sigel to Pharell and Kanye West: Come Out The Closet

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  1. sooo true ! especially Kanye !!!
  2. ^ I once joked with my fiance that Baron Davis (he plays for the Warriors) is Kanye's lover. They dress exactly alike. It was hella funny. :nuts:
  3. It's seems like he was dissing them more, because they don't dress like street thugs. Apparently, they aren't "'hood" enough for him. Geez, just because you grew up in "the 'hood" doesn't mean you need to be stuck there forever.
  4. LMAO. Beanie was high as a kite.
  5. ITA with Beanie, so does Adam Levine, Bam Margera, George Clooney, and John Mayer. no pun intended....just plain seriousness.
  6. Oh Lawd !!! I thought he was more pissed at them pretending to be "Hoodlums"/Gangster than being gay. But, whatever !
  7. oh boy..... here we go... but i do kinda sorta see it in Pharell... but he may just dress nice!
  8. That is so funny. His eyes looked like they were closed through almost the whole interview. I am with you Prada, I thought he was dissing them for saying they were from the hood.
  9. Umm look at the source. He gave himself the name Beanie, that is quite "hood", no??? 'Nuff said! Who cares. Maybe he is just jealous because they actually have talent.
  10. Actually, I do believe that Beanie has more talent than Kanye or Pharell. He's just mad that Kanye and Pharell are making that cake. :P
  11. Beaine Siegel.....that's not even an original name.....wasn't there an old time comic from the 50's or the 60 with that name? My Grandma seems to think so!!!
  12. ^^ There was a cartoon from the 60s called Beanie & Cecil. I only know this, because my dad is a Beanie & Cecil fanatic.
  13. Shouldn't the majority of the industry come out of the closet? LOL I don't think pharell or kanye prefer dudes over chicks, but that doesn't mean they haven't gotten down w/ one
  14. darnit its gone. I can't watch it