~~**Beagly's Basic Collection**~~

  1. LOVE IT!!! Those were on my watchlist, and I decided against them. Love them, though! Hope you get much wear out of 'em!
  2. Thanks nexis, the shipping was actually more than the shoes! :lolots:
  3. Congrats on a great steal beagly! what a great neutral summer pair...or even if you decided to do some strass or glitter DIY, they would be great for that too.
  4. Omg they're so cute! What a lucky duck!
  5. Wonderful diversity in your collection Beagly! love the purple Titis and amazing eBay find on those corkies!
  6. CONGRATS !:dothewave:
    what a steal !
    they look great on you !
    I hope the size is right;)
  7. Cork! What is it like? I have wondered....all I every think about when I see those is the cork board we put messages on at work. I could never pull it off, but they look so good on everyone that has posted pics.
  8. Wow! Perfect summer shoes!
  9. Loving how your collection is growing and the nude VPs!! I am drooling!!
    Your puppy is a cutie, too!!!!
  10. Amazing steal! You can't beat $55!
  11. Thank you poppyseed, I can't decide what I'm going to do with them but for now they stay as cork...such a great neutral with a twist!

    Thanks laleeza, I feel like I won the lottery!

    Thank you chloe, I love the Titis!
    Thanks Petit, they are a little big, could have gone TTS but a little padding and I'm good to go!

    :roflmfao: Thats what I always thought too but I really like them IRL!

    Thank you AEGIS, they will go with anything!

    Thank you loitablue, slowly but surely expanding. The beagly is adorable but scared of everything ~ including the camera!

    They were an awesome steal and they are so cute IRL!
  12. Wow Beagly, you have some gorgeous shoes. I love everything in your collection.
  13. love! thanks for sharing :smile:
  14. Thanks meg, I tend to go toward classic styles, maybe I'll branch out like you in future!

    Thanks Nerdy, I love my little collection!
  15. I am branching into the classics:biggrin: