~~**Beagly's Basic Collection**~~

  1. i can't believe i never commented in this thread! i love your collection Beagley. and you're a true Loubinista. You've suffered pain for your beauties [sprained ankle] that is true love! :heart::worthy: hats off to you! :welcome:
  2. Thanks, I'm determined to get back into all of them!
  3. Yes poppyseed the addition is great and I love the addiction!!! hehe

    LOL! both are great!!!
    note to myself: learn to spell
  4. You have such a great collection!:love:
  5. Thank you very much Nadin.
  6. I love the suede~!
  7. Lovely collection..
  8. Fabulous collection, beagly and I love them all. The exotics are just gorgeous and I so love your nude shoes. Thanks for sharing and I wish your foot a speedy recovery.
  9. Thank you, they were my first pair and I love them.

    Thank you

    The VP's are heavenly, thank you. The foot is starting to get back into my CL's...yippie!
  10. Ok, as promised mod pics of the Titis

  11. OMG! Those are just amazing. I love them. They really look fantastic on you. Thanks for the pics.

    Glad your foot is better, btw. :smile:
  12. Beautiful collection!!!
  13. Beautiful collection!

    I love the Titis! They have such a gorgeous silhouette.

    They look stunning on you and I think your nail polish choice complements the rich color perfectly! :yes:
  14. Thank you Bags, I can't wear them more than about 30 min right now but I love them - they are gorgeous!

    Thank you BoriquaNina!

    Thank you Jonathan! They are fab-u-lous!
  15. Yet another addition, and different from any other. They were an eBay steal at $55, thank to the tPF'er that posted them in the Steals and Deals ~ I am very thankful!