~~**Beagly's Basic Collection**~~

  1. Great collection! Your Fuxia Eel Titis are gorgeous--any mod shots of those? ;)

  2. Thanks Bags, no mod pic of the Titis yet. Unfortunately wont be able to get to those any time soon.
  3. Oh, right... Duh! :wacko: You broke your foot. I forgot about that. Aww, sorry. Hope you get better soon.
  4. you have a beautiful collection! Love how versatile it is!
  5. :heart:your entire collection, congrats!!!:biggrin:
    In particular Fuxia (Purple) Eel Titis:love:, hope to see mod pics
    ...And hope your foot recovery soon:hugs:
  6. Thanks dirtyaddiction.
    I love the color of the Titis and if I can get the left toe box to break in more, I may actually be able to wear them. but can't do much right now as the broken foot is the left...dangnabit!! I hope it recovers quickly too!!
  7. My newest additions, Nude Patent VP's ~


  8. Love your nude patent VP's!!
  9. great collection!! each pair is classic,gorgeous and versatile!
  10. You have a nice, varied collection, Beagly. So beautiful!
  11. Beautiful collection and the latest addition is fabulous! :nuts:
  12. WOW beagly, love your addiction, what a classic!
  13. Lovely collection !! :smile:
  14. Congrats ! I love the nude VP ! such a classic and such a gorgeous and amazing shoe at the same time ! I want more mod pics :p
  15. Thanks needloub, I can't wait to get them broken in enough to actually wear them for more than an hour! :lolots:

    Thanks chanel*liz, at my age I want classics that will last me for a long time!

    Thank you Batty, I love my little collection!

    Thanks Elsie, VP's are now my favorite style!

    Yes poppyseed the addition is great and I love the addiction!!! hehe

    Thank you LV

    As soon as I can get the left shoe on I promise more mod pics! As you know still have one more coming....yippie~ :giggles: