Beagle key chain!

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  1. I was hunting for a pair of rainboots, and came across a beagle key chain on COACH's website. Coach - New BEAGLE KEYFOB

    I know there are other beagle owners on here, so I have to share! How freakin' cute is that keychain?

    I wish they had other dogs too, it would make a really cute Christmas gift.
  2. Very cute!!!
  3. I LOVE this keychain!!! I think I am going to get it. Did they ever make cat keyfobs?
  4. cute!
  5. Aww.. too cute !
  6. I dislike Coach.. but I wanna buy this for my mom!!! :biggrin:
  7. I have been looking everywhere for this keychain....anyone know where I may be able to locate one?????
  8. OMG, where did the keychain go??? I love beagles and been waiting for a keychain... but it's no longer visible on the Coach's website... hmmmm.. I'll try again... I'm soo Sad if it's already sold out! :s
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Thread Status:
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