Beaded Tote Repair

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm hoping one of the SAs could help me. I purchased the brown/gold lurex signature beaded tote (#10445) during the Dec. PCE around 12/10. After a little more than a month of owning and wearing the bag I have noticed that the metallic coating on the beads has chipped off in numerous places, leaving dark spaces in my beading.

    Is this something that can be repaired or will they replace my bag? Would there be an additional charge? I would appreciate your advise.
  2. ^^^^ I'm not an SA, but in my experience I think what you're describing sounds like something that Coach would take care of unless they determined it was from "normal wear and tear". I think the fact that you've only had the bag a month or so takes it out of the "normal" range for wear and tear.

    Aside from bringing it into a store to ask an SA, you can also call customer service and describe the problem to them and they might be able to tell you over the phone if they think it's something that's covered. I did that with a bag I had - they said to bring it into a boutique for final determination of whether or not it should be sent in, but that the problem I was describing did sound like it was covered (and it did wind up being covered and that was an older bag).

    Hope this is helpful!
  3. I know from working at the outlet, people who have worked for Coach for years advised me not to buy bags with the beads like that because the beads commonly fall off after a little while because they get snagged. It happens to most of the beaded bags apparently, unless you're super careful with it. (but who wants to be super careful of their purse? Not me *L*)
  4. Thanks for the helpful replies.

    When I purchase the bag I inquired about the beading since I had heard of people having trouble with the 2005 beaded tote. I was told that the beads in 2005 were ran vertically and in the 2006 they ran them horizontal to correct the problem. I will try calling the CS line and see what they say.
  5. Hi....
    I'm a Coach store manager and if you take the bag into a Coach store it can be sent in for repair. You have to pay for shipping, around $20.00, but Coach will repair any damage to one of their bags. Hope this helps.