Beaded Spy smells wonderful

  1. Received Beaded Spy from Neiman Marcus that smells wonderful. A light clean perfumy smell. Its lasted all week. Would this be infused with the smell of the Neiman Marcus store or is it the bag. Does anyone know the name of the fragrance.
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  3. Beautiful, congrats! But sorry i'm no help as i have no idea abt it.
  4. I've never smelled anything but spybag....:confused1: Maybe I missed out.:hysteric:
  5. Just read on a yahoo post that Abercrombie and Fitch sprays their FIERCE Cologne every 15 to 30 minutes and mixes some in to mop the floors so their store and store items have that smell. Maybe Neimans does something like that?
  6. i know i love the leather smell of spy..idk about perfume unless its something new :shrugs: i want to know now too lol
  7. Why don't you call the NM and ask (or is that weird?)? Or if you are in the opportunity, visit the store, maybe you'll recognize the smell? :smile:
  8. If I get a chance, I'll have to try to remember to call them this week or next time I'm in the store ask someone and see what I can find out.
  9. Wow, that's really bizarre (but in a good way!). I've never noticed any kind of fragrance.
  10. My black spy smelled wonderfull too (for a couple of weeks after I got it, the smell was vey strong, and now it smells just a little). It was such a great smell ("leathery", but not normal leather smell, hard to describe). It was intoxicating :love::nuts::wtf: I wonder if fendi puts some sort of feromones to the bags so that when we get the first spy, we will buy the second, the third...:thinking:
  11. Sorry been away a while. I talked to the Neiman Marcus in Atlanta Lenox and they said they don't sell the Spys, but did get some from another store for consolidation sale and had them about 4 days. They were not aware of a fragrance to the bags but may have been from the other store and the bags are generally close to the perfumes. I figured out the smell was Ombre Rose Perfume.
  12. Maybe the bag was a return and the lady who had, and USED it before she returned it used Ombre Rose Perfume?!
  13. It could be. The bag is in perfect shape and still has the rose smell and its going on a month now.