Beaded Fendi Baggette? Need HELPP

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  1. My mom picked this up at a local consignment store and feels that it could make her alot of money (she buys antinques well in this case bags and sells them on ebay if she feels she can make a profit). So if you could tell me ......

    1. If it is authentic?
    2. Whats a good price range for the bag?
    3. Style of the bag?
    4. What line/year was it created in?

    Will post pics in Next post
  2. Heres some pictures
    If you need me to photograph any other part of the bag tell me
    fendi 005.jpg fendi 007.jpg fendi 015.jpg fendi 024.jpg
  3. I have about 12 baguettes, although not that one, and it looks goood to me, the serial # is in the right place, the hardware is stamped Fendi and I know there was a design exactly like that one. Price range is tricky, I always check ebay to see what my collection might go for and so far these bags have NOT appreciated--the beaded ones went for anywhere from about 1200K up new although don't seem to get even half as much resold. I'm planning to hang onto mine for 25 years or so, then I think they'll be valuable, and they're gorgeous to look at!
  4. please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky at the top of the Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.