Beachy Hair

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  1. How do you get it?

    I have naturally thick and straight hair that is pretty long and is naturally fairly silky. AND is not the easiest thing to make curl or wave. Any good tips or products? Something simple too please. :yes:
  2. Well, straight hair isn't always the easiest to get curly (my hair is wavy, but hold a ringlet? Never).

    What I like to do is this. I get out of the shower and then i towel dry my hair. Really important, DON'T COMB IT.

    Then, I rub a little Garnier Sleek and Shine through there, and then I use something called Surf Hair, which is also by Garnier. It's REALLY sticky, so you just want to use a little bit of it. I just spread it pretty evenly over my palms and the scrunch my hair from the tips to the roots. Just scrunch a handful of it and hold it to your scalp for awhile.

    After that, I use some of the John Frieda Blonde Tousled Tresses spray...(I think they make a brunette and a redhead spray as well) and do the same thing again, scrunching from the tips to the roots. (Don't use a lot, otherwise it'll look greasy.)

    And then just let your hair air dry. The curls will be very wavy, and your hair won't be crunchy from heavy hair spray.
  3. Bumble & Bumble makes a beach wave spray. It works well, especially to give texture. :biggrin:
  4. Yes, John Frieda Tous. Tresses spray after blowdrying!
  5. uhm ok. I'm going to sound like an idiot but how do you scrunch hair?

  6. that product works really well for me.
    did you use any heat to activate it?
  7. Hehe, it's hard to describe online!

    Tip your head to one side and let your hair fall away from your shoulders. Then, you can use whatever product you want and use your hands to grab and "scrunch" your hair from the tips to the roots.

    Really, all you have to do is grab a fistful of hair and hold it for a couple seconds. Just keep doing it different ways until you like how the wave/curl is coming out.
  8. Yeah i did, maybe I used too much product??! Ill have to try it one more time.