Beach Wave Perm????

  1. Has anyone heard of beach wave perm, I am told this is a super loose wave perm, has anyone had one? TIA!
  2. I totally want some beach wavy hair, my flat dark brown hair needs a makeover NOW!

    Can you do this super loose wave perm yourself?

    Somebody help us! :biggrin:
  3. I love my hair permed!

    Just make sure you emphasize that you want super loose waves and that your hair stylist uses rollers that are at least an inch thick, depending on the length and thickness of your hair of course... ask them to do bigger sections of hair as well. Only thing is the bigger/looser the perm.. the less life it will have.. so it might only stay for a few months or it might stay until it grows out like mine!

    I just got mine done this past weekend so it's a bit tighter than usual but I'll try to take a pic next week when it's relaxed more! Most permed hair looks like this:

    NOT this:
    long curly hairstyle.jpg
    ^^Keep in mind that most pictures you see of curly/wavy hair (like above) have been styled using hot rollers or curling tongs, if you're not ready for the perm or that's the look you're after, that's prob your best way of doing it! Again, use bigger rollers or tongs on bigger sections of hair. Once it's cooled rake your fingers through your hair to get that messy look. There's a whole bunch of curl enhancing products out there too that you can use as well.. a good defrizz conditioner/detangler and some creme that's not too heavy is always handy to have. Avoid heavy, over moisturizing products as it will weigh down the curls!

    Hope that helps...? Have I missed anything? :thinking:
  4. Nice, thank you, hope to see that picture when your hair tones it down, which should be about now, where's the pix? :-P
  5. Aah.. Aqua! Thanks for the reminder! I will try to take a decent pic ASAP!
    It hasn't came down as much as I hoped but I think that's just my hair taking in the perm well LOL.. it's looser around the roots which is good, but I think that's cos the ends already had a previous perm!

    I need to wash my hair first though.. I'm pretty sure I'll find confetti in there somewhere from the wkend's festivities heh heh
  6. Digital (Japanese) perm!
  7. Here you go!
    Just washed, a bit fuzzy with fizz:

    After a day or so:

    I look forward to it loosening up even more! :biggrin:
  8. I love your hair! I'm jealous! What is the name of the perm you have?
  9. Do these kind of perms kill your hair? I already have a bit of bleach (highlights) on mine, and am worried this might make it tooooo dry?
  10. My stylist told me about the Beach Perm. Its by Pravana. Id LOVE to see photos of people with this "perm".
  11. Oh lisalovesshoes, it looks great! I have been thinking of doing it myself for the summer and for adding some extra volume!! However, I am scared it will break my hair a lot :faint: I want to keep healthy hair which is already a hard thing!! How much does it cost??
  12. I got a beach wave perm a while back. It was perfect and gorgeous and I loved it... for about a week. Unfortunately, I am lazy and used to having easy straight hair. Girls with curly hair: god bless you! I couldn't handle having to blow dry it completely after every shower and put product in it. Just know that if you go from straight hair to curly, your hair regimen will have to change a bit. (I know that sounds like a "Duh!" statement, but I really didn't think about that!)
  13. hehe this is my hair naturally.. :p
  14. I just finished getting an at-home perm!

    Pictures! (Because there is no better proof than seeing)
    I can post pictures after it dries if you would like to see them! I know it's hard to tell because my hair is dark.

    I find it very low maintenance!
    Photo 2.jpg FotoFlexer_Photo.jpg
  15. ^^Aw I love it!! Looks very natural. Did you do it yourself?!