Beach totes

  1. New York Times put out a cute slide show on beach totes for this year.

    Here is one of the photos.

    Look at this link for more photos:
  2. DUDE...I want this bag!! are a BAAD influence!!
  3. I am trying to follow in your footsteps. That bag is cute! I will post the other pix in a moment. :heart:
  4. Cute!
  5. this is a fun bag for the beach.
  6. For our Hermes fans.
  7. This one's different.
  8. I like the materials used on this one.

  9. And one last one with unusual materials.
  10. Coachwife6: Thanks for sharing. =)
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  12. Ahhhh. Thanks BL. Wish I could be at the beach --- bag or no bag. :roflmfao:
  13. Love these least the MOST expensive ones here...LOL.Thanks for the bad influence!!!!!
  14. Such cute beachbags, but I'm sticking to my $14.99 Gap one. This way when I get sand, salt water and the inevitable exploding bottle of sunblock in it, I won't freak out!