Beach-Party Chic???

  1. What do I wear to a party where the attire calls for "Beach-Party Chic"?

    The party is in south Florida at a country club, 7pm... Any thoughts?
  2. I would wear a pretty white dress and very very nice flat sandals!
  3. This sounds very "J Crew" or Lily Pulitzer to me!
  4. I like that idea.
  5. Lily Pulitzer, you can never go wrong with that in Florida.....
  6. Iam the queen of Lily P!! We go to alot of parties like that here in Key west and Lily always works. I went in the shop last week and the new line is ADORABLE!! Great styles! Have a look there for sure! Oh and have a blast!
  7. Chances are that most girls will turn up in a white dress with cute sandals. Why not stand out a little more? There's no harm, right?
    Wear a bikini top, with a loose fitting top as a cover up. Pair it with either mini denim cut offs or capris with kitten heels/sandals.
  8. I am from Florida, and most people wear a cute dress with sandals, flip flops, or espadrilles. Bring a cardigan in case it gets chilly (or for too cold AC).
  9. i would wear a pretty flowy cotton dress and a cute sandals.