Beach Hair Waves

  1. I have fine pin straight hair and love how it looks after coming out of the ocean and air drying on the beach. What products do you use to get these results? I need something to spray in my hair, comb through and air dry. Thanks!
  2. Surf Spray by Bumble & Bumble is fantastic....... You can check it out on the Bumble & Bumble website.
    You can buy it online at and I have heard that CVS drug stores sell this line, but I don't have a store near me so I am not sure if they carry all their products. Try it, you will love it...
  3. John Frieda has some inexpensive stuff too, it's called Beach Hair or something. I actually bought some a while back, it works alright. I like to use a diffuser and scrunch my hair as I dry it for the best results.
  4. Bumble and Buble Sea Surf Spray for sure.
    If you want something cheaper, go John Freida, like Starlit Waves or something
  5. I found some KMS turn over sea salt spray (i think thats the full name) at marshalls and figured I'd try it. First I use some Paul Mitchell sculpting foam then I spray the KMS stuff over it lightly. I twist partrs of the top section around my finger and let the bottom dry naturally (wavy is my natural texture so I might be cheating here), lifting lightly while drying with a diffuser so it gets pretty and wavy/curly... messy but neat if that makes sense!
  6. I wish I could do this with my hair, but I have dark brown hair, and if I try to put a product in my hair like that, it will look oily...

    Any brunettes know what to use so that your hair doesn't look oily?
  7. My sister has used the john frieda one but now she just makes it herself with some mediterranean sea salt, water and a tiny tiny bit of conditioner in a spray bottle, it works wonders and of course costs next to nothing :smile:
  8. wow i want to try doing that!

    i used to use Beach Blonde by Jon Fredia but now he makes something else that isnt as good. I'm using Got2B thing for waves. The trick to using it with darker hair is not to apply so much and dont concentrate it on the roots.
  9. im not sure if you can get toni and guy products in the US but they do a great beach hair spray.
  10. Definitely a good product but only buy it from a salon. Buying it from a drug store or Wal-mart or Target or something is not a good idea considering that these are professional products and when they are sold in drug stores they are either damaged or very very old!
  11. I read a few years ago that Jennifer Aniston uses straight up ocean water on her hair to get this effect.

    I can't remember what magazine it was in, but they said just to fill up a bottle at the beach and transfer it to a spray bottle at home.
  12. Really? I had no idea. I was eyeing the nexxus products that my local wal-mart has on the shelves now. I think I will steer clear.
  13. I just read an article on this, you can make your own hair solution by mixing 1 cup of warm water with half a cup of salt in a spray bottle & spray on your hair. Half a cup of salt seems a lot too me though
  14. the new fekkai beach waves is pretty good too.
  15. I loved the old John Freida one - Beach Blonde - before it got discontinued!

    Garnier Fructis (sp?) the ones in that lime green bottle...makes one called "surf hair" or something like's not bad...and it doesn't reek like suntan oil.

    I tried a Fekkai was just called 'wave spray'...smelled like pine sol though! heheh