Beach Friendly Tote?

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  1. Hey, Ladies (and any Gents!)...
    I'm looking for a beach friendly tote, preferably coated canvas or something similar. To be clear, this is for vacations to beach destinations but not necessarily for continuous beach use. I usually don't hang ON the beach, just on boardwalks and restaurants nearby with daily shorter visits pool or oceanside. So I want it to be something that looks cool on my shoulder but can handle some exposure to sea air and sand.

    I'm looking at an MCM coated canvas tote HERE.

    I'm not really a fan of LV and I'd like to keep the cost around $500 for this use.
    Any other ideas?

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. I saw a Kate Spade bag while on holiday a few weeks back. I thought it was so cute. I'm not a big fan of KS but I think some of the designs are really cute and whimsical.
  3. Bummer... can't see the pic. :sad:
  4. Here's the pic

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  5. Have you looked at Orla Kiely? She always has bright, fun totes, bags and accessories.
  6. Thank you! That IS a lovely bag. I'll keep it in mind. I'm also not normally much of a KS fan. But that is nice.
    I have now thanks to you! There are defo some contenders there. I like the "Stem" bags and I like the sling bags for this purpose. Hmmmm. Thanks!
  7. I love her funky retro designs!!
  8. What about a coated canvas mono-print from one of the big leather houses like an LV Neverfull or Gucci tote or am I just being too boring?
  9. LOL. Not boring at all! I was kind of thinking more along the same lines. My destinations are sort of "see and be seen" and I want the bag to be something I can use on the streets in my normal life as well. I do not live in a sunny locale so the bright happy bags are out for me. That's why I asked for advice; I want something more complex.

    So, I'm looking at the MCM coated canvas because it is less ubiquitous than the LV. I don't like the dark brown of the original LV monogram anyway. I wouldn't mind the azure damier, but TBH, LV is more money than I want to spend. I'd love Gucci, but same objection on price.

    I was wondering if I missed any decent(ish) houses that make coated canvas. I guess there's always Coach.... but now that IS getting a little boring!
  10. I use a Furla leather bag for these beach-not-only-beach situations. I think it is the Fantasia model. I feel like leather can stand a little more abuse than the coated canvas, which can peel off and dry when exposed to sand/heat/water.
  11. That's a good point... I had just kind of been "graduating" to that thought pattern today; maybe a good full grain leather would be just fine. My everyday go-to bags are heavily hardwared or suede or both, so I wouldn't feel comfortable taking them anywhere near sand or salt water hence my search.

    I had been looking at Furla's actually; a "good" brand but doesn't break the bank.
  12. Thanks for giving her an idea for a tote....I went to look at it and now I see a Furla bag coming out this fall that I want!! 😨😈😈😈