Beach Bag

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  1. I was at the Atlantis Resort recently and saw this bag .. I love colours like this, and if I'm wanting a beach bag it may be a nice choice. Its available on the site in a couple of sizes large is $44 and smaller one is $37 I believe.

    Any other beach bag pics around?

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  2. Cute! I love beach bags. Very colorful and vibrant. Makes me crazy for summer!
  3. oo beach bags! I wish I went to the beach more, hell I live on a damn beach :lol: I'd get another beach bag if I had use for it :biggrin:
  4. Sorry off topic, Greenie you got a new kitty picture this time a different cat! (S)he is soooo cute, is this one yours?
  5. No, not mine. Wish it was though. Cute huh?
  6. Those bags are sold all over Long Beach Island. They're really cute and hold alot of beach stuff.