Beach bag

  1. We're off to a resort in Thailand in July and I had seen a beach bag in Lacoste, which was nice and big.

    When I went back, they didn't have it, but this wasn't too bad, at least very big and 25% off!

    When I show it to DH, he says I can forget it, just take it back, if I think he's going with a bag with the colours of West Ham (football:rolleyes:), I've got another thing coming and I say if he thinks stupid football teams are gonna decide what I'm taking to the beach, he must be off his rocker and he doesn't have to come if he's gonna be so bloody stupid...I get myself all worked up, until he starts laughing and tells me how easy I am to wind up!

    Anyway, here it is, not exactly what I wanted, must admit they could have skipped the burgundy on in, but it's nice and big, with an inside pocket + that little clipped-on pouch (which I didn't even see until I'd bought it:smile:)


  2. It's quite cute. So is your husband a Chelsea or Spurs fan perhaps?
  3. Chelsea, passerby, and they've just lost the League to Manchester United, he's not happy..
  4. Ah, I can well imagine he's not a happy camper. The team I support just beat his team in the Champions' League semi-final :smile:
  5. It's adorable! Sorry the sports team is lost on me but the story is still quite funny.
  6. So which team is that, passerby, Liverpool? (sorry, not up to date with it all...)
  7. LOL, he was quite cute..(for a footballer..)

    DH is away at the moment, I'm seeing him next weekend (which will be 23!), his Liverpudlian friend has given me a packet of Kleenex, with the instruction to give my DH when they lose...better not rush me back from my dinner to watch some match again, I'll be right cross...

    Sorry, you got caught up in this football stuff, Valley (can't believe I'm discussing this, LOL) Yes, the bag is ok, isn't it, room for towels even:smile:
  8. I think you should get an even bigger bag for your holiday....that maybe a person could stow away in.....coz I know someone who really needs a holiday *hint hint* :lol:

    Seriously though, love the bag maggie, even though it definatley has a west ham vibe about it. Maybe you should get your DH his own Chelsea rucksack to keep him happy.
    My DH is a liverpool supporter, and insists on kitting out our son in the full team kit everytime they play a big game...:confused1:
  9. Very cute bag. And your husband is funny, imagine making bag decisions based on football colors.