Beach Bag - Yeah or Nay

  1. This is the other bag I got from my favorite SA at NM.

    Etro Beach Bag with Red Prada to keep inside. So if we go to dinner after sitting at the pool at the club I have a bag with me. Not crazy about Prada nylon but it works with the beach bag.

    Yeah or nay?
  2. Yeah!
  3. ooohhh that is a great beach bag. so cheerful and with that pattern, probably won't show stains. go with the beach bag. the red purse is not my cup of tea
  4. great combo!

    Ooooh, new fun thing to shop for! We're going to the Bahamas in 8 weeks!
  5. I love it! It's so much fun; it'll be the talk of the resort!
  6. It's very cute!