Beach Bag dilema

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which beach purse?

  1. Scribble tote

  2. Carly

  3. Alex tote

  4. KVZ satchel

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  1. #1 Jul 26, 2010
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2010
    Okay ladies lemme specify, we're going on a trip to ocean city,md in about 2 weeks and I can not figure out which bag to bring along!
    *note this is not a bring on the beach sit in the sand bag lol, this is a purse lol, like to go shopping with, dinners ect....I dont wanna be the next cell pic of some chick with her coach on the beach lol*
    okay so Option numbero uno:
    Hamptons weekend large scribble tote
    this one is from 07, so it is well loved and a little worn in.. aka If something was to happen to it, i wouldn't reallly hit the roof.. also it's large and will hold a bunch of stuff

    Medium Carly
    love this bag, only it is a little heavy after awhile and I love it alot, so if something was to happen to it....not good lol

    Alex tote
    I have the quilted black one and a patentent leather one, which would hold alot, and theyre durable and light weight

    kvz satchel
    just a white satchel by kathy.. nothing great, but i def wouldnt worry about it like my coach....

    Thanks for you help guys, I am going to bring my small MFF bleeker pouch (the one with the 2 flowers on it) for maybe out to dinner or board walk when i wouldnt want a big bag. also lets see, it would really just hold normal purse stuff, but it would be nice to have extra room to hold stuff kwim?
    I will try to post pics to show you guys
  2. I pick Alex tote!! :biggrin:
  3. Quilted Alex- she'll go w/ everything!
  4. ALex here too...Have fun!!
  5. I'd go with the Alex tote. :smile:
  6. so far alex looks like a winner lol, now...
    Quilted, or Patent?
  7. Quilted!
  8. Alex tote in the purple... that way If I see you in town I'll know it's you and snap your pic :smile:

    (also going to be in that area in the next 2 weeks)
  9. Scribble tote - is perfect for the beach and like you said you would not die if she had a bit more wear...

    I Amost went for the Alex but the Pnt Leather look does not appeal to me on a beach vacation...