BE Wine TME Midi replaces my RM Wine Nikki

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  1. I bought an RM Wine Nikki last year that was just perfect except that it came with the old brass hardware instead of the new light gold hardware that I was expecting. After using it 4 or 5 times, I sold it this month and bought a BE Wine TME Midi to replace it.

    I'm so happy that I did that. :yes: I love the TME Midi style, I prefer silver hardware, and the BE Wine leather is gorgeous. As a bonus, the Nikki sold for more than retail and the TME Midi was on sale at Clutch. :yahoo:I won't go into further details on the TME Midi style since I did that when I got my first TME Midi in Black Crash.

    I couldn't get the color to come out just right in the pictures. It looks more red than wine in the pictures. I love the color! The last picture is using a flash and includes my Wine AP that I bought last year. I have a set now!
    WineBE1.JPG WineBE2.JPG WineBE3.JPG WineBE4.JPG WineBE5.JPG
  2. This is a beautiful bag. Wine glossy has always been one of my fave BE leathers. Ironically, I have nothing in this leather!!!!
  3. Wow! Fantastic pics!:yes:

    It looks absolutely gorgeous!:drool: And I don't have anything in wine either - yet!
  4. Wow! It looks amazing on you! What a gorgeous color!! I love all the different ways you can wear it too! Congrats!
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    Whoa- I have never really looked at the TME- Until now- I love it, it's gorgeous congrats
  6. Thanks for your comments!

    Contessa - It's hard to believe that you have nothing in wine yet. The color is amazing!

    CB - No wine yet for you either? Maybe someday...

    willowsmom - The TME Midi is definitely versatile. The LM Midi is similar. We should have our Dark Grey LM Midis soon!:yahoo:

    Geminiz06 - The TME Midi did nothing for me until I saw modeling pictures from someone else. It's an amazing bag that is much better than how it looks on the BE website.
  7. Yum! That is beautiful. I think I want my next purchase to be a wine something- the new wine pebbled leather looks promising.

    You look great with the bag!
  8. Love love the wine color. Congrats!
  9. absolutely gorgeous
  10. Lovely, lovely! I too, just sold my wine Nikki (which I loved) for another wine bag: my first Ignes! But I also want a BE wine sometime...
  11. Gorgeous!! I am loving your wine TME! you have me re-thinking my wine RM's...hmm........
  12. RM Wine is also great. My Nikki was a beautiful bag, but it had to go because I couldn't get used to the brass hardware. I still have a Blue Stonewash Nikki with silver hardware that I will keep.

    It sounds like you have more than one wine RM. Which bags do you have?
  13. congrats! Gorgeous bag! Wow, glad you got a good price for your nikki. I can't imagine parting with my wine mini nikki....
  14. Love the wine bag. You made a very good choice.
  15. i actually dont mind the brass HW on the RM, but the way your wine "works" so nicely on your bag makes me rethink my wine matinee.
    The wine matinee is very nice, but it is well-loved, and the matinee never has been my favorite shape from RM. It's a little difficult to get things in/out of. I do have a wine MAM too, and I love that bag!