BE wine LM mini!!!

  1. Hi ladies,

    Wow, did this mini throw me for a loop or what? I love it so much that I go back and forth between colors. Here's what I've decided. I ordered the black crash. I just have to have it, the crash is me.

    Then, I love the chocolate, BUT, I"m thinking do I want chocolate and black? That's two dark/similiar colors although maybe not? Hard to tell right now.

    This morning, I"m looking at my mini, thinking this would look fantastic in WINE. I agree with everyone here that thinks the smaller size needs a pop of color. I think the wine would give the mini the edge and literally transform a cute bag into everything the LM has minus the weight.

    So, that said, anyone interested in going in on a wine order with me???? Let me know your thoughts even if your aren't ordering, I'd still like to hear your opinion on the choc vs wine.
  2. Wow, lovebags, you have gone head over heels :yes:!

    Here's my opinion - why not wait until you receive one of the minis first and see how the style works for you first. I would step back and consider if your first color love is wine or brown. If you know for sure that you are getting more than one LM Mini, at some point, museten will be receiving the black crash mini and you can order it with free shipping and without duties charges. So, IMO, the black crash shouldn't be on your immediate list.

    Without seeing the brown that the mini is being done in, I would get the wine mini from Jackie and then wait to get the black crash mini from museten....

    ETA: I don't think that the chocolate and the black crash are too similar. Without being 100% certain of the brown, it doesn't sound like it's going to be a crash leather, so they will probably be dissimilar enough where you could get them both - but honestly, do you think you really want three bags of the same style?
  3. Lovebags2, I think you've made an excellent choice. Somehow, I think we're going to be hearing a lot about your wine mini LM!!!

    I honestly believe that the glossy chocolate is much too similar to the black crash. But that's just my personal opinion.

    Similar to you with your light grey mini, I wish I'd have ordered the LM reg in black crash to begin with. That being said, the dark grey is TDF...the leather is so thick and chewy you could melt!

    I'd join you on the mini wine bandwagon, only fuschia has stolen my heart!!! :love:
  4. Arghhh, I just ordered the pearl grey b/c I didn't see much enthusiasm for the wine. Timing is everything....
  5. Lovebags, sorry, I completely forgot that you were the first "guinea pig" to get the mini LOL! So you *do* know all about the bag's pros and cons. I still stick to my original choices though - black crash and wine with wine as the custom order and the black crash as the museten request...;)
  6. Do we know what color the hardware on the wine is?
  7. I'm guessing gold....but I'm wondering if that could be customized as well. :smile:
  8. i'd love a wine bag
  9. Hey! I thought you were supposed to be on good behavior???!!!!!!
  10. You ladies are the best! I love it how everyone comes to my "rescue" and helps when you can tell I'm stressing over colors/styles. Thanks again, I really do appreciate.

    Kathy, it's not too late to cancel your light grey order and go with us on the wine. The grey wasn't a bespoke , so it's totally returnable. No worries there. But, I do love the light grey too. I just think the wine would be nicer for this style and you allow you to wear more colors. Let me know.

    I"m thinking black crash and wine today? Or black crash and chocolate? Hmmmm, I"m thinking......
  11. Then again.....chocolate and wine go so well together!!!! :yes:

    I had some myself last night!
  12. Contessa, your enabling now! And we all know here, that I don't need anymore help in that department. But, your right, I want wine and chocolate!!!!

    Suzi, your welcome, Believe me, I know that feeling you were having, I didn't want you to worry when I had all the answers.

    I feel like this is one big BE happy club/family!!!! :smile:
  13. wanna know something???? I've seen plenty of enabling on this forum...and it's very tempting to get drawn into it all....esp on the Designer forums like Balenciaga!!! I've bought one and although I want more, I know my limit right now.

    Besides, I've learned and discovered new things through this wonderful place that I know I wouldn't have otherwise.

    And I often ask myself this: Do I LOVE what I'm buying??? Or Am I buying because I've been drawn into the hype???

    I then give myself a break from this place for a day or two to mull things over...and if after the time off I'm still in love with my consideration, I GO FOR IT!!!!!
  14. Hmm.... I'm a silver or darker metal girl myself. I'd have to see how the hardware looks on the bag--it's a make or break for me.

    But if it was a make.... the wine LM mini could be my first BE bag!
  15. Contessa, you can enable me anytime you want!

    But, your right about reasons why we purchase. I know I love love the quality, so my heart is in the right place when I buy BE handbags, so why not?, your right (again).

    I guess, it's time for decisions. Stay tuned ladies and I'll let you know when I figure it out myself....