BE Wine I'm Your Tote is here and she is gorgeous!!! r/o for pics

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  1. I feel like I've been waiting forever for this bag since I got her as an exchange for the Be Mine in Mottled Gold that I returned. Anyway, she is finally here and I couldn't be happier! The leather is stiffer than I expected, since pics on the BE site made it seem so slouchy, but it is still really pretty. I am a sucker for glazed, distressed leather and this one doesn't disappoint. What I am most excited about, though, is the fact that it fits my 15" macbook and carries it beautifully. Yay!
    Anyway, I took pics of it next to bags from my other love, RM, s you can see the difference in leather and also as an attempt to show the berry undertone to the red. It is pictured next to my rebecca minkoff market tote in dusty and matinee in wine.

    IMG_1561.jpg IMG_1572.jpg IMG_1563.jpg IMG_1564.jpg IMG_1565.jpg
  2. enlarged:
  3. Congrats. She's beautiful! Do you like the RM or BE better would you say? And how do the leathers compare?
  4. Thanks for all the pics. I love your RM haymarket bag! Looks like the leather is sooo soft.
  5. Congrats! its beautiful. The leather looks great too and the color is yummy.
    Great Bag!!
  6. The BE wine color is beautiful. The wine colored BE LM was the one bag that really caught my eye during the BE sale in January. That was my first foray into BE and although I didn't manage to nab it during the sale, I will be getting a wine LM coming in MAy. I love that color and it does have some deep berry tones to it. I adore my wine SM. Enjoy your lovely new bag!!
  7. Interesting! I would like to know this too.
  8. Love it! This is the color I wanted in the IYT...great to see it in real pics..thanks!
  9. That's a stunning bag!!!
    Just gorgeous!
  10. Very pretty. Your two red bags look like family.
  11. Overall, I prefer RM because I like a wider variety of her styles - I don't think I could live without my Morning After bag and matinee! As for leather, RM leather varies widely. Some of her leathers, I like better than BEs, but other leathers, BE wins. I normally really dislike stiff, rigid leather - even if it is going to soften up over time. BE is an exception to that since the colors glow and have a 3 dimensional quality to them.
  12. Beautiful! thanks for the comparison to RM wine because I have been wondering how the color compares. ^^^^I third above, which one do you like better, RM or BE??
  13. It's very pretty!
  14. I loved!! pretty...all:yes:
  15. I do have to add a better RM vs BE comment. The leathers are very different. BE leathers are more stiff all around - meant to be broken in by the user, and they add more structure to the bag. There are a few RM leathers that are stiff and are meant to be broken in, and I have to say I prefer BEs leather over RMs stiffer varieties. Probably because I love the glaze and distressing (I only have a purple and a wine, which are glazed colors - don't have any experience with BE's matte leathers).
    I have seen an aqua BE in real life and I do have to say the leather was downright amazing on that bag.
    I think the main difference is that BE's bags have a little more personality. They are meant to age with the user and change over time.
    So, I guess its a toss-up. They both use extremely high quality leather. I like both, but RM is definitely the better bargain since you can find them at a nice discount with coupon codes.