BE Take ME Away

  1. i kind of like the 4 studs
    Pic 1 - 8 studs only.jpg Pic 2 - no studs.jpg Pic 3 - 4 studs only.jpg Pic 4 - All studs.jpg
  2. Hi Sara999. Thanks for the post. I'm not sure if you are going to get back to Jackie or if someone else will, but my input is that I like 8 of the studs. That's the one without the studs in the corners. I think they add interest without being overpowering.
  3. I like photo #4. I think the studs on the corner add some interest. Without the studs on the corner the details of the bag seem kind of lost due to the size of the bag. I would like the bag in a rugged deep brown color (for a weathered, well-traveled look), as a well as a deep wine, or pewter color.
  4. I prefer the studs, too as they give the bag "the extra something". But without all studs it has a nice and clean look to it, too. I'd love to have one in black.
    Jackie wants that you email her your reviews.
  5. Another vote for the studs. I'm not normally a big fan of studs, but I love the way they look on this bag.
  6. i e-mailed jackie my opinion on the studs and said she should make it in red (all my luggage is red - super easy to find it at the airport amongst all the black and blue bags) and apparently a large amount of people voted for red! go red! haha
  7. I received this email as well and replied to Jackie that I prefer the style with 4 studs.
  8. I'm so happy she's making a smaller size of this! If you ask me this bag is too small to be a weekender and too large to be a purse. I emailed suggesting wine as a color and fewer studs (which also keeps the weight down).
  9. I like all the studs. The bag looks boring otherwise. And incomplete somehow with only some of the studs.

    Does anyone know what size this is? Is it big enough to put clothes for a weekend? Looks small to me...
  10. Size: W 49 cm, H 32 cm (without strap)which translates to us imperials as 19.29" x 12.59".

    Wouldn't work for a weekend skiing, for instance. I suppose if you're going somewhere warm and planning on sleeping au naturel it might work.
  11. I like all of the studs too. I think it gives it something extra. I like fun colors and think that this would be great in a petrol, turquoise, or ocean blue!
  12. I went with 8 studs...I thought the ones on the bottom would drive me nuts if I took it in and out of the car/airport security, etc. I would be stressing about the studs on the bottom getting lost or something....

    But I agree..the bag needs some studs to "jazz" it up!
  13. That's a great point audball...I would be nervous about losing or messing up the studs on the bottom too.
  14. I'm not usually, but on this bag I'm pro studs, as well!
  15. I prefer the studded bag also. They add interest to the bag and it's large enough to contain all the studs without looking tacky.