Be Sure And Scotchguard Your Whites

  1. Hi girls................Maxaluna out of the kindness of her heart wrote yeterday to say that i had a color transfer mishap with my white jumbo classic flap, and was too upset to go online!!! :crybaby: lol - yep it was true, BUT i learned the importance iof scotchguarding (I use Meltonian spray) your white bags even if they're caviar. The shoe repair place lifted the stain totally off my bag and told me that if i had not sprayed it, the stain would have stayed. All I was wearing when the color got on it, was a cotton top in different shades of GREEN - an army navy fatigue print. Not even jeans. When i looked at the side of the bag (the inside that has the pocket on it) that was against the top and saw the very light green stain all over the pocket flap, faint, but still there, i was sunk into a deep depression from which i did not emerge until my very excellent shoe repair place fixed it....and i subsequently bought the Spot Remover they suggested.

    COLOR TREAT YOUR WHITES, EVEN IF THEY'RE never know how what your wearing is made, and color transfer may happen. I don't want this to happen to any other PFers, its too traumatic :yucky:

  2. wow, thank goodness!!! so glad the stain is finally gone!

    that is such a turnoff for me, glad I eventually returned the white caviar flap....i am so obsessed about keeping my bags into perfect condition that if that happens to my bags, I would not be able to handle that stress and depression! I would DIE!!!
  3. Oh my, I can believe that this was a traumatic experience for you!
    Luckily the stain is gone now, so you can breathe and sleep again.....

    OT @ hikarupanda: I love your avatar, I think it's so funny!
  4. OMG..I would of died too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Good to know! And how very brave of you to go to a shoe repair place.
  6. Hi Claudia. You had us worried about you. I was thinking of you and wondering what you ended up doing with the color transfer. :wondering I'm so glad you took it in to the shoe repair place and they took care of it. I can imagine how you must have felt. I would have been devastated as well.

    Is the Meltonian spray only sold at shoe repair places or is it sold in stores that sell shoes as well? What did they do to lift the stain, did they say? Did they use the stain remover that you mentioned you bought? if so, what is the name of the stain remover? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to be prepared before I use my white caviar flap.

  7. Thanks for the info! I'm glad your spot came out..I just got a white Caviar GST and will be sure to scotchguard it!
  8. OMG..glad to hear you got the stain out.

    I LOVE white bags, but an weary of the colour transfer
  9. Thanks for this info. So far, I've been too afraid to buy any bags in white, but would like too.
  10. Do you know if you can scotchguard patents?
  11. SO would the lesson be: scotchguard is more effective than meltonian??
  12. hey Ladies!! thank you soooo much for your concern and caring and sweetness..i tell ya, it felt like my firstborn fell down and got a big booboo!!! :sweatdrop:'s the thing - when i say Scotchguard, its really just a generic term for spraying a protector on the purse (kinda like the term "Xerox" lol) Lucci and Designer307, i know Meltonian spray is sold at good shoe repair places...not sure about shoe stores, maybe Nordstrom shoe dept. though...and since i had sprayed purse before the icky color transfer got on it, the shoe repair place just applied a small amount of spot remover to a cloth and gently rubbed and all the stain came out.....I immediately bought a bottle of the spot remover, i think it was $6-7, the spot remover is called "LCi" spot remover: the "dry cleaner" for leathers and fabrics, is how they word it on the bottle. I go to Shoe Repair Plus which is franchised but the 2 in Boca are fabulous and I trust them totally..they really know what they're talking about............
    the lesson definitely IS, spray first.....with Meltonian or that Apple Guard spray product or Vectra which someone on here said Chanel recommends

    the white bags are too gorgeous and classic not to own just because of a threat like this LOL, so i truly believe that if one protects first, one shall be secure and comforted LOL
  13. Claudia, I am so happy this turned out ok. I was so worried for you! You are such a doll and I didn't want you unhappy!
  14. Claudia, thanks for the advice on how to protect our white Chanel bags. I was not going to spray my bag with anything until I read what happened with yours. Now I'm definitely going to look into purchasing these products.

    Is it o.k. to spray the Meltonian on the hardware? Did you spray the shoulder straps as well?

    Thanks again. I appreciate your help.
  15. So glad you got the stain out!!