~*Be still my heart! Reveal of my Bleu Vernis Alma MM*~

  1. So if anyone has followed my posts, I was ALL SET to get the Vernis Alma in the PM size. When I got to the store this is how it looked on me...like a little lunch box (don't laugh, lol). I'm 5'3 without heels, BTW:


    After asking for numerous opinions, EVERYONE in the store (even men) agreed that it was a wee bit small on me, so I got the MM. I thought the Trevi had my heart, but this baby is TDF! :yahoo:


    My SA kept catching me with my eyes closed, and mouth open, lol, that's why I blurred some of the pics


    A pic out of the store:


    Sorry about the iPhone pics. For anyone on the fence, its worth every penny! :nuts:

    BTW, the Rose Florentin is STUNNING IRL, also!

  2. The mm is gorgeous on you! You're so lucky they let you snap photos in the store!! Congrats, you look fabulous!
  3. I agree, the MM looks fabulous on you! I don't think the PM would look good on me, either, or even fit my lunch! LOL
  4. Looks great! Congrats!
  5. You are so pretty!! Beautiful bag too!!
  6. Looking good Crystal!! :tup: Congrats!!
    How in the world were u able to take pics inside the store?? :wondering
  7. Thanks!

    LOL! I guess they let me do it, because I'm a regular.
  8. LOVE IT!!! Fabulous!!!! Congrats!!
  9. You look great with the MM. I have an Alma on my XMas list this year, that bleu is awesome with jeans:tup:
  10. Beautiful... Congrats!!
  11. What a great bag. Enjoy your new spring purchase!!!!

  12. Absolutely Gorgeous!!! The Bleu Nuit is my favorite!!! Congratulations!!!
  13. Wow, I love the MM on you, and now that MM Rose Florentin is calling my name, that also looked gorgeous on you! Congrats!
  14. OMG crystal...you look familiar...were you at the LV at the triangle town center this weekend picking up your baby?! I think I saw you trying out the two different sizes...

    I was there picking up my luggage tag for my PDV-GM and checking out the shoe show.

    BTW...the MM looks fantastic on you!!
  15. Congrats! Looks beautiful!