BE Spring 08 Styles

  1. I posted these in the BE Lounge but I guess they can't be viewed for some reason. I'll try again and hopefully it will work. Here they are:

    1-2 Indulge Me


    3. Be mIne (mustard yellow)




    4. manhattan

    and there's a hold me in the same yellow. If these don't work Pm me and I'll email you the pics to post.
  2. They'll be up in a second...
  3. I got help, so hopefully they will be posted soon. Sorry!! I tried.

  4. ***They didn't come up***
  5. :popcorn::whistle: I'm so eager to see Jackie's new 08 styles and colors. I hope the pics come up soon. Thanks for getting us them!! :flowers:
  6. I swear I can see them on my computer for some strange reason. Someone should be able to repost them later.
  7. If you know how to post pix from an email...please pm kings_20.
  8. If you get an email with an attachments, you need to find out where they are (e.g., in Windows Explorer). Then when you got to post you go to Manage Attachments (under additional options below where you type your message). Click on Browse each time you want to go find a photo and go to the file name of the photo wherever it is on your computer and click on it).

    Here are the photos that another poster forwarded to me:
    BE013 Hold Me Yellow Manhattan1.jpg BE018 Be Mine Mustard email1.jpg BE020 Manhattan Yellow email1.jpg BE019 Bordo web.jpg BE019 Bordeaux 2 email1.jpg
  9. Oh my, they are GORGEOUS! But did I expect them not to be? LOL, I love them all!!!!
  10. I really like the one on the end..the larger tote! What is the name..nice color too!

  11. I love the last one too ... that red is such a gorgeous color!
  12. The last one is the new Indulge Me
  13. Indulge the name! I really do like this bag...i'm going to take a looksy on the website!

  14. Ladies!!! Do We Likey???
  15. Honestly, I am not that wowed by them. Hopefully there will be other styles coming out for spring. I had initially asked Jackie about the mustard shimmer color which was why she sent me those pics in the mustard color. I'm still awaiting my LM Petrol and LMM Purple. Should be here tomorrow.

    FYI: These styles are available, if you are interested email Jackie for more info!!