Be spontaneous! Is it hot outside?

  1. So my son has a little swimming pool and I was sitting outside with him tonight while he was playing and out of nowhere, DH showed up with a squirt gun and the water hose! Oh Lord, I was soaking wet in no time; and our son could not stop laughing! So, ladies and gent's...I now send out a challenge to all of you...if it is hot outside and your family needs a pick-me-up, try an impromptu water fight!! It was a blast!
  2. Sounds like fun, I remember good times like that when kids were small!
  3.'s about 85 degrees and 8pm. The only spontaneous I can think of right now is to take my clothes off and hop around the house naked.
  4. Ok, silly! Maybe not tonight...maybe this week sometime?
  5. This is funny. DH hates getting sprayed w/ the hose.:graucho:
  6. LOL, I've never had one of those but I have had a few random walks through the sprinkler!
  7. We do that or water balloon fights, even with the pool, it's lots of fun!
  8. Hahahaha...this happened to me this week too!

    My son started it and then my husband got in on it and before you know it, I was soaked. I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell them to stop. My children thought it was hilarious.
  9. tomorrow, for sure!! My son loves the idea!
  10. even better...WATER BALLOONS!!!!
    we have the best water balloon fights in my house...roflmao!
  11. We have a "kiddie" pool and my DD and I often have splash fights. :tup:Fun and she looooves it!
  12. Yeah, it was great! A good laugh and a great way for us all to play together! Have a great day, everyone!
  13. We had a water balloon fight last night in the pool, the kids loved it. They want to do a lemonade stand today, last time they did it they made $50.00+ but they were selling home made cookies too....
  14. Sounds like fun! Hubby did that to me last summer, except it was with the hose and a water balloon, lol
  15. it is 95 here...very hot!