BE Sample Sale: What did you buy?????

  1. Hi Ladies! So what did you buy/snag/score at the Belen Echandia sample sale? :yes:
  2. i bought a dark kiwi ponyskin flirt with me. £25! and the dark kiwi is one of a kind
  3. I forgot to say that I didn't buy anything because in this past year, I bought THREE BE's: white matte Clutch Me; choco matte Stroke Me; black crash Love Me, all very much used and adored.
  4. I checked it out carefully, and there were some very nice bags, but was sort of relieved that I didn't see anything I absolutely had to have. I didn't think the prices were that spectacular, but maybe it's because the exchange rate is sucking right now, or because I'm trying to save my $$ for holiday stuff.
  5. I so agree with your post. I felt a sense of "relief" when I didn't see anything on the sale that grabbed me. Granted, I saw several pretty handbags, and I love BE quality. But, I have recently purchased from her a Black Crash Love Me, A large Petrol Stroke Me and last week, a Angel Purse. I"m content.

    I think it's a good sign when we see a sale or other nice handbags, and we aren't even tempted anymore. I take that as we're just really happy with our current collection and what's wrong with that?

    Plus, with the holidays just around the corner, I feel good about having more monies to spend on my kids this year.
  6. I thought the prices were quite good actually, for BE. BE is not an inexpensive brand... Having the sample sale now is both good...and not so good. Not so good if you're saving money for Christmas gifts. But if she had it after Christmas, you wouldn't have any money leftover to buy anything! There's always the January sale!
  7. I keep looking at the brown Love Me but haven't committed yet. I've never spent that much on a handbag and am worried about buying something without seeing it IRL. THe pics on the Love Me thread have really tempted me, just looks like such a great everyday bag!
  8. I am interested in the chain bag, but can't decide which color to pick (red & Turquoise). I also worry about buying a purse without seeing it IRL. I think I ordered 6 purse online in the past, and end up only kept 2.
  9. well yeah, i am not sure on my opinion of the flirt with me bag but it was only £25 and that's really cheap. if i don't love it i will give it to one of my 3 girlfriends as a christmas present. so no matter what i have a use for it!
  10. I bought a chocolate bag which is no longer shown on the site:

    I'm not sure if I should have bought this with my large chocolate stroke me on the way -- maybe too much chocolate! But I really like the style and color of the sample bag and it was a good price. Maybe I'll use the stroke me for casual use and the other one for work. Or just keep the one I like the most.
  11. I assume these sales are "final" with BE?
    City Chris -- looking forward to your always excellent report on your bag, and some modeling pix too!
  12. Whomever purchased the Dark Kiwi Flirt w/ Me, Red Love Me and the Kiwi Strok Me MUST post pics when they arrive!!!! I need to live through all of you, and save my pennies for the next BE SS!!!
  13. I bought a white and silver Flirt w/Me ponyskin clutch and a Cream Clutch Me. Can't wait to receive them...
  14. Oh tigger, you will LOVE those bags! I had my eye on the Cream Clutch Me. (But I already have a matte white).

    Ladies -- I'm surprised at how few posts there are on this thread. Did we Purse Forum ladies not buy very much? Keep posting your purchases please! I'm curious to see about our collective spending power.
  15. TropicalGal, I was actually thinking the same thing. I thought that the day after the sale began, I would see so many posts on what everyone purchased from BE.

    I'm wondering why not more posts/buys on our forum.

    I think that maybe some of the styles might have just been "older" and/or in colors that weren't what others were looking for at the moment. I did notice a lot of seasonal colors and with it being December, I think it's hard to get in the mindset now to buy a white or pink handbag for the warmer months. Maybe? That's one of my theories.

    Plus, I am in love with BE Current styles, mainly the LM and SM (well, at least I think I"ll love my Petrol SM when it arrives) and there weren't many of those in the popular colors.

    Or maybe everyone is just saving for Christmas.

    I know Jackie was delighted with the response from our forum. I spoke to her today with confirmation that my Wine Angel Purse has been shipped.