BE Sample Sale has Begun

  1. The sale started early! Just ordered a gorgeous red Indulge Me. So excited! My first BE!
  2. This is my first also. I couldn't resist the apple green "casual bag". I'm going to have to name it myself i guess lol. :choochoo:
  3. I was too late for the cream color in zip-top bags 2 and the take me anywhere in day bags 2 :sad:
  4. Ladies, keep sharing your purchases! i'm sitting this one out. Purchased 3 BE's this year: Matte white Clutch Me;
    Black Crash Love me; and matte choco Stroke Me. I thint that's enough...don't you?
    Good luck everyone!!!
  5. It doesn't look like there's combined shipping. I have 2 bags in my cart and if I go to pay it charges me about $88 for shipping.
  6. I just ordered a Stroke Me in the Glossy Tan color. I am so excited since it seems like this style should be a lot lighter than the TMA (gorgeous but too heavy for me to use often) and I've been looking for a gorgeous tan colored bag for like forever! Planning to stash this baby away for now and wait for spring to debut it! :p
  7. Oh i was too late for the Cream color Take me anywhere too! i hope whoever got it posts pics :smile:
  8. Sitting out. Hoping that some black bags will be included in the January sale...
  9. Hi ladies,

    Oh my, how exciting is this sale? Wow. I agree with TropicalGal, keep telling us your purchases because I"m so happy for everyone! I feel like Christmas is coming early.

    CityChris, you're so funny with buying two more BE and one on the way, this week. Tell us which two you bought? Can't wait to hear.

    TropicalGal, I too if you can believe it, didn't buy anything tonight since I have a LM, SM and a Angel Purse on the way.
  10. lovebags2 - I haven't bought them yet and need someone to talk some sense to me. I already have a large wine stroke me but love the colors so much I'm considering one of the casual bags in wine (which I think might work as a work bag). Someone tell me I don't need two wine bags (or buy it before I do).

    I admire the restraint of those sitting out and am trying not to jump too quickly.
  11. I talked myself out of two apple green's lol. you can do it :woohoo:
  12. citychris: you don't need two wine colored bags. there, does that help?
  13. love bags: Greetings! So nice to be out of the fray. i'm impressed! i think it is often better to buy less, even if at full price, to get the bags you really want...and not just get a bag because it is cheap. That said: LADIES! If you don't have a BE and you want one, now is a good time to get one.
  14. Yes, it also helps that it's no longer available.:yes:
    I'm also looking at the same style in chocolate though. I have a chocolate stroke me on the way but this would be a darker chocolate and a different shape...
  15. TropicalGal, thanks. Did I mention to you that I returned my pewter crash Love me last week and that you were right? I am quite content with my Love Me, Large Stroke me (Petrol) and a Angel Purse on the way. I'll alternate the SM and LM for quite a long time to come and be happy. You had previously just caught me , in all my excitement, trying to my perfect BE handbags. It's a tough quest but once I'm there, I know it.

    CityChris, that said. I'm a fan of buying what you truly love. I would have kept my Pewter crash and worn two Love Me's in a minute, if, IF, I loved the Pewter. And I didn't. But, if you love the wine, then go for it. Let me know.