BE Sample Bag Arrived!

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  1. my dark kiwi flirt with me has arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous. i don't know if i will keep it since i can't really see a use for it but if i don't keep it i will give it to one of my best friends. who doesn't want a one of a kind bag? can't take pictures until i go home since i have no way to bluetooth the phone pictures to my computer. but it's gorgeous!
  2. Wow, that's quick. Jackie mentioned that they would only be posting it out after the sale ends. Maybe I will get mine too. I asked for them to be delivered to work - one was ordered on Sunday night and the other on Monday morning...
  3. Wow! That was fast--what day did you order it? And can you post pics? Would love to see it.

    I got an email from Jackie stating that my LM had shipped today--I can't wait to get it!
  4. i received my e-mail saying it had shipped after it had already arrived (which was amusing) but i e-mailed jackie to let her know it arrived (because she wanted ot be sure) and she was very pleased :smile:

    i ordered it on...monday? i think monday

    will take pictures this evening!
  5. Wow! That was fast! I can't get an item ordered in the same state that fast!:nuts: I ordered mine on Monday and got my delivery info emailed today. Maybe I'll get lucky and it will come by the end of the week. Look forward to seeing your gorgeous pics!
  6. it is gorgeous! i don't have much use for a small handbag though...since i always need a book with me...and my wallet is huge. but i am going to mull over saving it or giving it to a friend who will get more use out of it. just don't want such a gorgeous specimen to sit in my closet forever going to waste!
  7. i also got an email this afternoon saying that they had been dispatched today, hmm ... will have to wander over the office post room to check if it has arrived.
  8. apologies on the size: (and also excuse the fact that i had to take these in the loo...we don't really have any mirrors in my flat except the one above the sink!)

  9. How beautiful! Actually I have been so busy lately that I forgot about the sale until today when she sent out the email that the sale was ending. I snatched up the last Carry Me with Style. I can't wait to get it. I have the Love Me and her bags are just amazing!
  10. Ohh fun fun! I like the color...congrats!
  11. Your bag is very nice, Sara! I see you got yours so fast since you are in London! Lucky! Jackie emailed me too and I hope to see a nice box at my doorstep soon!
  12. Wow! I love the color and it really is a gorgeous bag! Thanks for posting pics.
  13. Does anyone know the shipping method being used for orders to the U.S.?
  14. BE is shipping DHL. I just got an email from Ashley with the tracking number for my purchase.

    I can't wait till it arrives!
  15. Okay, thanks -- I was wondering because I received a shipment confirmation with a tracking # for Royal mail (but it seems to be an old tracking # so I may not have received the correct information). I would have expected DHL rather than Royal Mail giving the high shipping charges.