BE Sale Includes the Love Me Minis???

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  1. I just ordered a Love Me Mini, figuring that since it isn't out yet, it wouldn't be part of the sale that just started. WRONG. :cursing:Did those of us that ordered just screw ourselves out of a couple of hundred dollars?? I wouldn't care at all if this was a bag I had in hand, but it's a PRE order that I'm not even getting for a month or more. Any thoughts, ladies??
  2. Call Jackie. She is super nice and will work things out for you. *oops I just edited this post because you are saying that it was on sale??? we were told it was not going to Jackie.*
    *edit #2 I didn't see any Love Me Minis on the site when I went back.*
  3. there are no LMM on sale
  4. Yep, Jackie confirms it was a mistake. It's been removed from the site. Thanks, ladies!
  5. I have the website pulled up and a light grey LMM is listed on sale for $387.00.
  6. Oh wait, sorry...saying it is out of stock.