Be Prepared!!!

  1. I've said it before and i'll say it again. Casey at Pulse totally caught be off guard when she called to let me know the Spiaggia was in. (btw, I love Casey!)

    When she asked me my print placement preference I freaked and didn't get to really tell her my well thought out ideal print placement. I regret it. I'm sure my bag will arrive and I will love it but man!!! The more I examined the swatch of the print and some of the actual bags I know now that I need a great placement of the little brown boy with dreadlocks in the Jamaican colored innertube! I have to have it!!! He's totall my Toki husband! Hahahahahahah My hubby had dreadlocks and is brown :graucho: . Just like me and the Pirata, I feel it's fate. I NEED THE DREAD BOY. I'm kicking myself in the arse for not knowing what I really wanted when it came time for me to get it.

    SO! Now after much thought and consideration I plan on getting the Transporto in a Stellina, and for the print placement I would please like to have clearly centered pictures of the rocketship boy and the two indians in the canoe!...and if possible, I would like to get Sandy on the elephant in there with a clear view. Thank you:smile:

    For the Tutti, I need a BV and I need a smack dab in the middle placement of MOMOBELLA! LOVE HER!!! I see momo and think mama... and yes. I am MAMA JAM.

    Thank you for reading my crazy. I love you all!:love: :yahoo:
  2. I -would- get the transporto in a stellina because it looks perfect for that, but I already have three stellinas so I think four is pushing it... So maybe I'll get it in a campeggio! :p
  3. where have you even seen the transporto print??
  4. Tracy, check your email :biggrin: Don't spread it though.
  5. Hahaa you beat me jessaka. I sent you a PM with pics, tracy.
  6. Pics? There's more than one??
  7. Oh! Not that i've seen. I sent her the Transporto and the Tutti.
  8. Oh okay! Hehehe. I just adore the Sabo-chan section on the Tutti! I want it on a bambinone and denaro!!
  9. yeah i know...i was gon say...there's more?!!?!?!?
  10. are adios & ciao skating?? I love it!!

    mama jam you need to get the momo/adios shirt!! They have one at karmaloop for 20% off which makes it $32 and that's a GREAT DEAL!!
  11. I know!!! I love that shirt! Thing is, i'm hella pregnant! Hahahaha I'm torn. Should I buy the shirt and try to rock it in an XL now(i'm usually an XL anyway) or save it until I'm not pregnant anymore?

    I have no idea!

    ... Transporto is soo adorable, I think it's my favorite.
  12. I'd totally rock that shirt preggers!! I say get it now before it's gone!
  13. Hahaha you convinced me! (like I need much convincing) :yahoo: I'm buying it! And for laughs i'll post pics of how it looks on my humungoid tum tum!
  14. Can someone p.m. me pics of the prints pretty please? :drool: I need a new toki print to look forward to!:girlsigh:
  15. Me too!