Be Prepared !!!!! Meet Paris Hilton's Biggest Fan. She's Only Four !

  1. :shocked:

    When I was 4 my mama was my role model
  2. Oh yeah I remember this video..

    Poor kid, the mother is actually encouraging her to look up to what has this world come to??
  3. Wow, I am pretty sure I didn't even know about pop culture at that age.
  4. Oh. My. Gawd. That is freaky! That poor, poor child. What hope have they got of ever turning out normal!
  5. Her mother probably wants the kid to be discovered......what a joke. Maybe she can get Britney to babysit her.
  6. Her mom should be slapped.
  7. Oh my - did you hear the lady in the background at the end? "Oh Paris, you're so hot!" Gush Gush Gush - Eeek
  8. i'm guessing the parents want money/fame out of this... ugh.
  9. Poor thing. Someone slap the mother.
  10. It's not like that little girl will for sure be LIKE Paris when she gets older..I don't see what the big deal is.
  11. Kinda sad, really........
  12. After what you wrote, Prada, I couldn't watch it. I had to spare myself such disgust but I just know it must be terrible.
  13. :nogood:
  14. Wow I bet the mom wants to be like paris hilton thats why she did that lol