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  1. While we're all in a frenzy over the Fall offerings, I thought it would be fun to introduce a lighthearted thread! I'll start with my two pacific parrotlets Millie & Otis:

  2. OOOOooohh ~ they are so sweet, precious, adorable, and special!!! What a great photo ~ I am definitely in :love:!!!
  3. You are too cute, dsrk! It would be fun to see some pets coming out of or perched on BE's, wouldn't it?
  4. OK, please be patient with me as this is new to here to view a photo of two of my three cats.

    Sorry if this doesn't work!
  5. Valkyrie, that photo belongs in Birdtalk!!!!

    I've got 4 parrots - 1 African Grey, 2 conures, and a new Orange Winged Amazon who just came home yesterday!!!

    Also....2 Ragdolls and 3 fishtanks!!!!
  6. Contessa, thanks for the photo compliment, and, WOW a new amazon! YAY!!! I used to have a yellow nape and I LOVE orange wings! They are SO beautiful. You simply must post photographs!

    Sorry, dsrk, not seeing the photo; keep trying, please!
  7. Here's my little Orange Winged Baby named "Tango" he's adorable!!!!


  8. Awww....Tango's a cutiepie, just gorgeous! You must be so excited!

    Here's my hahn's macaw. He's a sweetheart, but unfortunately he's a plucker as you can tell by the gray down:

  9. Oh, I used to have an African Grey (a Congo with the red tail) ~ I miss her terribly!

    I have two American Bulldogs (like the dog in the remake of Cheaper By the Dozen with Steve Martin & Bonnie Hunt) and three cats: Bengal, Oriental Shorthair, and a Savannah ~ all three cats have spots!

    Sorry, I just can't do the photo thing. :hrmm:

    Contessa ~ I LOVE your Tango!!!
  10. Thanks guys!!!

    I'll post a pic of Cleopatra my African Grey. She is the most amazing bird I've ever had.....she's only 2 and talks up a storm....oh the stories I could tell!!!

    Oh...and you'll love my Painted and Rose crowned conure! Valkyrie...there's a centrefold in May's Birdtalk of his dad "Whisper"!!!
  11. This little beauty is Daisy, my Chihuahua. As you can see, she's a fashonista like here mama! :woohoo:

    Attached Files:

  12. OMG, I love how her cute pink nose matches her attire! She's adorable!
  13. Thank you so much! She has brought so much joy to our home.

  14. Yes, post post! Conures and grays are two of my all time favorite birds and I have never actually seen a rose crowned in real life!
  15. Oohhh, what a sweetie!!!

    I had a blue & gold macaw decades ago name Fred. Fred terrorized my African Grey, so Fred eventually had to go. Fred complained very loudly every time my African Grey would speak, so my poor baby stopped talking.

    I gave my African Grey to a good friend when I moved cross-country from Los Angeles to New England (broke my heart, which is why I won't speak/write her name)...she's around 31 years old, imagine that!