BE "Pebbled" Leathers

  1. I think you all must be bored with my on-going leather questions with BE, but I thought I would pass this along to anyone potentially interested in any of the "pebbled" leathers that BE has on her site (these would include the mustard and the shimmer colors):

    Just one thing I feel I should point out, since this 'pebbled' issue hadn’t
    occurred to me. Some handbag companies use a very classic 'pebbled'
    leather, but this one just isn’t like that. When I choose leathers, I choose
    them on the basis that they are very 'Belen Echandia' (contemporary, soft,
    light, not too classic) and the classic 'pebbled' leathers used by Tods et
    al just wouldn’t be us. So although this leather is not smooth like the
    matt or glossy petrol for example, it is VERY Belen Echandia and very
    beautiful and definitely NOT overly classic in the same way that Tods
    leathers are.

    So if this is your worry, I don’t think you should worry, because it is
    gorgeous, pebbled or not. But maybe this isn’t your worry, just thought it
    might be.

    I love how she is so thoughtful....:heart: