BE or RM???? Need Help

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  1. Alright i just received my RM Nikki in Night and not sure what to think! Because I have been thinking of getting the Make Me smile in either black Crash or Hug ME in Black Glossy because it comes with the silver hardware. The gold hardware on the RM is very nice, but I do not think it is as smooshy as people say. I'm I being to picky? I seriously think I love the BE's the better. Not to mention, there is no smell....the smell I love.

    I have 14 days to decide. Should I post in RM? What should I do? Lovebags2-help!
  2. Do you already have an RM? That's surprising that the night isn't smooshy for you! Although I'm sure it'd break in more as you wear it. I once got a really tough bag and it seriously wore in like butter! Usually RM bags smell nice or start to smell after you wear it for awhile. Kind of like how a bag in storage won't smell till you start wearing it again. For BE, if you get crash and I also imagine that black glossy because of the coating, leathers they won't smell like anything so you'd have better luck with a nice smell if you get one of the normal leathers like matte brown.

    The black crash leather won't exactly soften like RM leather however and I think if you're going for softness, you'd be more disappointed about BE unless you got BE's regular leathers. However I can say that because of this factor, it makes the bag EXTREMELY durable! Crash leather softens to a degree but not by much.

    I like both of the styles you picked for BE but I also love the Nikki so that's a hard choice! The nikki and hug me seem more simplistic then the MMS. So it depends really on your styling and leather preference. Hope this helps a little!
  3. I was thinking to get a RM steady in Dusty or a Nikki mini. But after I saw the BE 08 fall collection I changed my mind. I like the Make Me smile midi & Take Me Everywhere midi.
  4. No, this is my first RM-but I must admit it kind of smells like an old man. I posted a thread in the RM lounge to see if anyone else has had the same complaint. For me, I don't care if it is as smooshy or not-but I guess the hype of the bag did not WOW me. Understand? I am so freaking confused right now. I just placed my order for the SM Tan because I just love this BE I feel a little better now. I think Black Crash would be a great bag because of the color styling...i don't know anymore!! i am just so disappointed!
  5. For me it's about:
    1. quality of the leather (smell, squishy-factor, durability)
    2. design
    3. hardware details

    If the Nikki isn't cutting it, I would send it back...I heard that different RM colors have different leather feel...maybe the black nikki isn't the right combination for you? In any case, if you are in love with the BEs this season, you can put your money from the nikki toward something you love from BE :yes:!
  6. Funny you should say this because I just made my mind up that this bag is a GONER!!!!! In my deepest heart I feel like there is something wrong with this bag and I am very disappointed. The hardware is gorgoeus though, but not enough for me to keep it.

    This is where I love BE bags and Jackie. I know they are coming from HER, I know what I am GETTING and the leather is what I EXPECT!

    ITA with you audball.
  7. That's weird about the smell. That bag would be a goner as well! Good luck with choosing the BE bag you want for fall! :smile:
  8. I think Black Crash is especially great for the larger bags since it's so durable. I like the neutrals like the brown, gray, etc. on the larger bags. On the smaller bags like the SM, it's nice to have some pop! :smile: I'm sure you'll love your SM. I can't wait to get mine either! :smile:
  9. I have a RM MAM in Sage and a BE SMM in Tan. The MAM had a normal leather smell, and the SMM has the fragrant smell. I do like the color, style and leather of the MAM, however not feel for the gold hardward which is very heavy.
  10. well i do think that you get a much higher production quality (and customer service) with BE over RM......i guess that is my opinion.
  11. It is going back and sara, you are so right. The BE service is just unbelieveable. Love Jackie and the BAGS!!!!
  12. I think bought RM and BE are very different in every way, I love my MAM , and just dying to recieve my first HM. I love both equally
  13. Yeah of course both brands are very different. If you want a high quality, BE is the choice without a doubt. For a mid-end brand I love RM since she definitely dishes out quality at an affordable price if you're tight on money. Both serve very different needs I think! :smile:
  14. Awww, savvy - thats too bad your first RM experience was a bad one. I think some of RM's bags with a coating have a weird smell - probably because of the treatment. So, I wonder if the night you received was one with a protective treatment on it, and hence the stiffer leather and weird smell.

    I, for one, adore RM bags and own several of her bags. I think the quality overall is excellent. If you prefer BE styles over RM styles, then definitely buying more BEs is a good choice. But, don't let this experience stop you from buying RM in the future! Great bags, IMO.
  15. I share the same opinion.

    I've had RM bags and I prefer BE. Two things bothered me about the RM bags and perhaps they've rectified it, so I may have to take another look but, the hardware (older style) tarnished and the leather handles on the MAB's weren't finished properly.