BE newbie help!

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  1. Hi everyone, I have some questions that I hope that you won't mind answering!

    -Is the Love Me Mini "structured"?
    -With the new Fall '08 collection coming out, will other styles/colors be discontinued??

  2. Hi, runner22, and welcome!

    I'm sure one of the lovely ladies here who owns a LMM can chime in, but I believe how structured the bag is depends on the leather you choose. The crash leathers and the matte leathers tend to soften up quite a bit with wear, but I'm not sure about degree of "smooshiness". I have a matte dark grey LM and it still has structure, but certainly much less structure when compared to when I first received it. If you look through the photos only thread, you may find some examples. Certainly, "out of the box" the bags are more structured.

    Re. which bags she will continue vs. discontinue with the introduction of her Fall line, we are still waiting for Ashley (Jackie's right-hand woman!) to get back to us on that. It appears that no style is completely out of the question, provided that Jackie has the leather available and we get a minimum of 10 requests for the exact same bag. Jackie said she would be willing to stretch it to a minimum of 6 or 7 bags, but understanding that bespoke orders cost her money as well as slow down production, it probably makes sense that this is the direction she is going in.
  3. The Love Me is structured in that there are three compartments. If you look on some threads you'll see pictures. But it is a soft, smooshy bag.

    Apparently, certain styles and colors will be discontinued as Jackie makes room for her new line. If there is a bag that interests you, you should email her immediately to see if she has it, or what the status is of the bag you want.

    Welcome to our world!
  4. I have the LMM in black crash and chocolate and they are both pretty structured. They don't slouch at all. But I keep mind filled with my things too so that may be why they don't slouch. I had a LM in dark grey that I sold and it was very slouch.

    Welcome to the BE obession world!!
  5. Thanks for the replies so far! Your response made me think of another question. When you say a minimum of 10 requests, does that mean personally for TPF? Or just in general?
  6. Welcome!

    I've got the LMM in Fuschia with silver hw and it's gorgeous. The leather is deliciously soft and buttery.....and is similar in texture/feel to the wine and petrol.

    So although it does have some structure to it to hold its shape, the buttery softness of the leather makes it soft and very comfortable to carry against the body.

    Once you have a BE, you'll want more! They're like potato chips!!! Or martinis....sinfully addictive!
  7. ^^ I second that Contessa! They are like potato chips and martinis!!! You just can't stop.
  8. Jackie did say she would take into account whether or not a storefront is interested in the same style (in that case, there wouldn't have to be a minimum number fulfilled by individuals; for example "4 for a store, 6 for individual requests"), but I think the 10 requests meant 10 individual requests - whether they be from us here on tPF or tPF + other individuals. I think the key is 1.all the deposits are made (generally 30% of the bag cost) 2. the hardware, leather style/color, style of bag are identical. On the BE forum, we generally think in terms of "us" (tPF members) because we do so much chatting about particular styles/leather/colors and things move so fast...but I imagine that if 5 tPF ladies rounded up 5 of their buddies and everyone wanted the same bag, Jackie wouldn't have a problem with it, as long as conditions #1 an #2 were met!

    And Karenina brought up a good point about the LMM; I think you really want an owner of the LMM to chime in, since the LMMs are shorter....when the bag is filled it probably maintains it's structure more.
  9. What? Potato chips and martinis are addictive? How come no one warned me.... that explains so much....:smile:
  10. :devil:
  11. Thanks everyone! Now I just have to decide what color and convince DF that this bag is necessary, hehe.
  12. Hi runner22! I love your cats :heart:

    I'm a BE newbie too, so I only know about the Petrol LMM. I've been carrying it for 4 days straight now and am seriously "in love" (never thought this would be possible with an inanimate object - DF is jealous!). It breaks in beautifully!

    & Karenina put it perfectly.

    I would say it is a "semi" structured bag in that it holds its shape, while softening up & becoming more "you" with use. It does not sag at the bottom when you fill it, and maintains its form when you place it (standing up) on a flat surface. It's like Jimmy Choo's Maddy (with a slightly longer shoulder drop) made from Balenciaga-like leather!

    You could convince your DF by telling him you're saving a grand!!