Be [New] Steel My Heart

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464830414.744041.jpg
    Fresh off getting the oro chain knot for my anniversary last week, I was feeling pretty content. Even thought about not going BV next time (shhhhhhh!!! I know!) No current colors are tugging my heart, even on sale and then bam!!!!! My SA sends this:
    New Steel. Already in for fall... [rubs hands]
  2. OMG! Another gray. I could be in trouble........
  3. Un-steel my gray loving heart. 😍
  5. It's a beautiful gray.
  6. Nice!! Looking forward to seeing this color IRL.
  7. Didn't we have Steel a few seasons ago? Is there a difference between Steel and New Steel?
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  8. Wow! excited to see this color IRL! It's perfect for the Roma.

  9. Steel was a sell out hit for Fall Resort in 2012. I was just telling the SA last week that I couldn't believe they didn't keep it and instead kept Shadow so long. It rarely shows up resale. I passed on a cabat in it twice and maybe this is the reason??

    Steel is the most perfect taupe. Grey and Brown blended gorgeously. Matches soooo much! Looks incredibly elegant and the leather loves it. (It's the Roma in my prof pic)

    New Steel is supposedly a little darker. It's definitely not grey and it's definitely not brown. It's both.

    I can't wait to find out what is being produced in it!
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  10. I would love to see a color comparison of BV "grays" over the past few years. New steel sounds like another chameleon BV color. I can visualize it in a cabat for sure. It would be awesome in Chevre rather than in Nappa. Goatskin is so durable and has a nice "texture".
  11. I remember when ferro was the rage.
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  12. When I go to Vegas in 2 weeks I'll take he Roma so we can get a side by side
  13. So I saw New Steel but I didn't have my Roma to compare. I can say that it is much browner than (old) Steel. New Steel is taupe brown to the same degree that Steel was grey taupe. If that makes sense.

    It's very rich and would be quite versatile.
  14. image.png
    This says it's shipping in October?