Be my personal shoppers please!

  1. I am thinking of spoiling my man with a messenger type bag. He is very stylish and hard to please. He loves all his coach accessories but doesn't have a bag. So post some links or pics to what you think is hot for the men folk right now. Only must have a strap long enough to be cross body.
  2. Good for your man... My boyfriend was like DON'T EVER GET ME COACH ANYTHING! LOL

    I was like come on, one wallet! It's cute! he's like NOOOO!

  3. I think the Transatlantic that katriese suggested is really the only Coach men's bag that I like. If you go to Coach's website and pull up all of the men's accessories it even pulls up a men's version of the Signature Stripe denim tote! :wtf: Seriously, I think my DH would rather trip and fall on a fork than carry any of the bags that are currently offered by Coach right now. They all look very metrosexual to me. My DH is also quite stylish and there's no way he'd consider any of those except the Transatlantic one. My DH has a Coach wallet and is considering a leather padfolio and he carries a Hilfiger messenger right now.

    Have you ever looked at Fossil messengers? I think they have some awesome looking messengers for guys:

    Fossil Men's Messengers
  4. Oh he is obsessed too:heart: He has 3 Key Fobs, a money clip and a card case. Oh and a black sig lanyard for work.

    I think I would like to get him a leather bag rather than nylon

    What do you all think of this?
  5. are you close to an outlet? there's always really nice leather and plain black nylon bags there for guys.
  6. Yeah I am close to Leesburg Outlet. I may need to take a trip over there. I didn't know they carried mens stuff.
  7. I really dig this one..

    It's the Hamptons leather map bag. We have it on one of the mannequins at the store and it hangs so well. It looks hip and casual at the same time. Unless he's going for the business professional look...then he should go with one of the leather briefs on the site.
  8. the outlet definately has men s items that are not girlie like the new stuff that just came out
  9. I saw the map bag online and was wondering how it looked in person, thanks for the thumbs up!

    And I agree, some of the recent men's bags are rather feminine.
  10. oooh, great idea! Thoughtful too! Maybe I should look at wallets for DH?
  11. go to the outlet, that is your best bet.
  12. I would go to an outlet.